February 15, 2007

Yesterday in class was fabulous! I really enjoyed the quotes from Steady Upward Course and DPC talk. I think that we have all been prepared for the this time in history - if nothing more than for our capacity to change. I realized what a high capacity we each have! I realized we are each here at this time for an important reason - to create opportunities and help make this crazy world a better place. As graduates from this school we have a responsibility to make ethical decisions, to be able to maintain our core integrity while still being competitive in the rapidly changing world around us.

Thank you to everyone thus far who has helped to create an atmosphere that contributes to this culture we are trying to create!

February 2, 2007

Capital Finance - Change

Capital Group Mission
  • To create opportunities for our clients by helping them through change while maintaining or reducing costs.
Here are the areas we talked about in class today - sorry I am a little slow to post it!
  • Technology
  • New/update/improved Facilities
  • Case Method- new Learning Model
  • Increase Capacity - how to Optimize

Please refer to Frank's Post to my Blog from Monday January 29th for more question ideas

February 1, 2007

Finance/Capital Sites

Here are a few listing of good websites to learn about Capital/Finance that I have found recently!

www.finance.google.com/finance - good place for information about publicly traded companies.
http://money.cnn.com/ - recent new on finance issues
http://fisher.osu.edu/fin/overview.htm - a web site that has lots of links to other websites about finance!! (very very very good!!)
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Finance - wikipedia's def/info page
http://www.fool.com/ - not sure how amazing this one is - but has good info if researching!
http://www.kiplinger.com/ - haven't looked through this site yet - but looks interesting.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capital_(economics) - def. of Capital

This is a small list for now - I''ll add more when I think of them!