December 22, 2007

Changes --

So I realized I haven't written on here in a while -- no surprise since I haven't written in my Journal in two months either. I find that I don't want to write when hard things are happening - or have happened, because I want people to see the happy side of my life.

Well I'm not going to lie -- Life isn't always peaches and roses -- but there is always something good to be found in it all.

The past few months have been interesting --- and needless to say confusing, emotional, draining, exciting, crazy fun, and so many more different emotions. It is times like these that make you realize how important friends and family are to your-- or at least -- to my existence.

So for this Holiday season I am eternally grateful for:
*Late night talks
*Shoulders to cry on
*Listening ears
*Ridiculous pictures
*Amazing roommates
*Best Friends --
*IF Trips & Papa John's Pizza
*Amazing Guy friends
*Saltine Crackers, Power Aid, Sprite & a lap to lay my head on
*Christmas Lights
*Honda CRV's ;)
*Burnt Toast
*"I really will miss you"
*Songs that make you cry
*Songs that make you wanna jump on the couch and dance!!
*Dance parties
*White elephant gifts
*Snow ---
*Snow Forts (or the thought of them...)
*Sisters - both blood and not
*Giant Hugs
*The Gospel ---
*Texting --- I know I know
*Cute notes
*'Hanging - out' -- the good kind :)
*First Dates
*Dates - in general
*Dart gun fights
*Snow Angels
*Weddings --- even if it means I don't get the boy.... ;)
*Airplanes & Cheap flights
*The never-ending hope that I seem to have......

~I hope that Vegas will treat me as well as Rexburg --- Look out! Here I come 2008!