November 27, 2008

Photo Tagged

Cariann tagged me!

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This picture was taken with Rob's cell phone - April conference weekend 2007 -- right before I graduated from BYU-I. This was weekend #2 for Rob & I. Truly this is a classic pose for me - some ridiculous face! I think this is the first picture that captures Rob & I in it...

Funny story - This was a very reckless weekend for me also. I let my ride back to Rexburg leave me in Provo - before I had an alternative ride. All soo I could hang out with the cute boy in the background. It was worth it.

Rob: I like your hair in this picture.

I tag: Britt, Lindsay, Rob, Jen, Cynthia

New Goal

After seeing Twilight for the second time -- I have decided I would like to be a Denali sister...

So -- this is my new goal. Does anyone have any idea how one gets an audition for such a fantastic role. I really think I would make a good Tanya........

November 26, 2008

Books I wish I had written

I was talking to my mom last night about how I wish I could write a book like Twilight - or some of the other fantastic books I have read thus far in my life. My friend Janssen writes for the ALA Blog - and after reading her post - I started to list them in my head.

So here are a few I wish I had written:

Twilight Series
*Genius -- Stephanie Characters that everyone can relate to --- whether you are teenager or have a little more experience with life. I loved that she created a story line that I could not really predict (for the most part).

Ender's Game - and the Series
*Orson Scott Card created some amazing characters - I especially love the Shadow of the Giant and subsequent books on that side of the series. (oh... a new one just came out... it is sitting on the shelf waiting to be read!!)

Dragon Riders of Pern - and the Series
*if you like Science-Fiction/Fantasy -- these are pretty good. Set on Pern - a world far far away - with people from Earth. Very interesting to see how such an initially advanced people digress back into dragons and mid evil Europe type existence. There are TON of books - if you like series - I would recommend this one - it will keep you entertained for at least a month... or three.

Eragon Series
*hmm I am sensing a pattern here - I think I like dragons - and stories about normal people becoming extra-ordinary!

Leven Thumps Series
* yes... yes...

Westing Game
* I just really like this book - it is a mystery. There is a group of heirs trying to figure out who is the true heir. quick read - my favorite since middle school. ;)

Goose Girl - Shannon Hale
* I loved this book --- I wish I had the genius to rewrite a tale so captivating.

hmmm -- other excellent books I have read this year:

*Enna Burning & River Secrets - Shannon Hale
*Book of A Thousand Nights - Shannon Hale -- incredible read!! - she is a genius
*I'd tell you I love you but then I'd have to kill you & it's sequel -- don't know who it was by
*Screwtape letters - CS Lewis --- very difficult read for me... but a good book!
*Chronicles of Narnia - CS Lewis
*City of Sparks - maybe if I had written this one.... I would be a millionaire too -- there is a movie! ;)

November 21, 2008

The Much Anticipated Movie

***There is no Spoiler information here... just my little opinion! ;)

Last night I went to the 12:10 showing of Twilight. And to be honest I was excited -but not super excited to see the movie. From the trailers I was not too excited about the actors - I wasn't sure how they could do all the crazy effects - and to be honest how could anyone possibly do Edward justice?!? I also have a pretty active imagination and think that it is always better than the movie. :)

My two cents:
I think that if you have not read the book -- DO SO -- before going to see the movie. The character development in the movie could be a little better. I am curious to hear the opinion of someone who has not read the book - and if they could follow the story line. While developing the characters would probably add about half-hour on to the movie, I think it would be beneficial for those people who would rather "just go see the movie". It would help to understand the interactions between the characters in the movie.

If you are a die-hard Twilight fan -- well -- this movie will never live up to your standards -- let's be honest though! How could it possibly? The books were soo well written. Stephanie Myers is a genius! Going to this movie reminds me of when the first Harry Potter movie came out. I was disappointed b/c it wasn't everything I had imagined! But after some thought I came to the conclusion - it was a good movie.

So here are just a few reasons why Twilight is a good movie:

*Sound track -- is fantastic!
*Actors -- did a pretty good job -- mmm Jacob... cute -- Jasper -- ;) Roselie is beautiful - Alice is fantastic --- Jessica - well portrayed. just to name a few!
*Effects - not too bad
*Background Scenery - beautiful -- I have to go to Washington!!

Do you think they would hire me to play one of the Denali sisters? ;) I think I could do a great job!!

PS I'm still going to go with my mom & sisters next weekend.... soo it must be good! ;)

November 17, 2008

ode to cariann

*Note: I started this back in on Sept.24 which is about a week after she had her baby... I wish I could put up some of the first pictures of us... but that was back before digital cameras were not super expensive.... ha!

One of my best friends Cariann just had her first baby - a boy named Devon. So in honor of her -- here are just a few reasons why she is going to be/is an amazing mom!

Cariann and I unofficially met in Horse Back discovery my 1st block of summer semester at BYU-I. She was in 'the other' riding class - so I did not really get to know her. But being the loud person I am - she knew who I was! First day of Second Block I went to Econ and found a seat near the back. It was at the end of the day and to be honest I was just hoping I could sit in the back unnoticed, because I was pretty sure I did not know anyone in the class. Then this girl walked in the room - and looked at her trying to figure out why she looked familiar to me. She saw me - and came right over to see if she could sit in the seat next to me. She wasn't shy or afraid it seemed. We were basically instantly friends - she came over to my apt to do homework/hang-out... and well folks we've been bff since!

Cariann is self-less. Our Junior year we lived together she was my angel. I think they were the busiest semesters I had experienced thus far. She always made sure I had something to eat... even if it was just a Grilled Cheese & shake from Millhollow - she would sneak it up to me in the math lab... angel... I might have died w/o her! She never once forgot about me -- anytime they did anything and I wasn't home -- she would let me know. I know that there were so many times she wanted to strangle me... but she didn't!

Cariann is very organized and clean. She was always cleaning and organizing things. Sometimes she would even organize my piles... ;) She always was doing her best to keep things clean and neat. She taught me, by example, that there is a brighter and happier spirit in a clean and neat home.

Cariann is an amazing listener. I do not know how many nights I talked her to sleep with my 'issues'. We have gone on many walks -- exchanged hundreds of emails - and she always listens to my ridiculousness! She hardly ever interrupts - only when she knows I just need to stop talking. ;)
Cariann loves unconditionally. I know this first hand. While being roommates I was pretty stressed at times. Any time we got upset at each other- she would find some way to apologize or make it better. I loved getting little notes from her! She has loved me at my worst, been the one to just play with my hair, make popcorn, watch sappy movies and tell me it will all be okay - when it seemed like nothing was ever going right.

Cariann is brave. If you want to know more -- just ask her how her and Jeff got together! ;)
Cariann loves the outdoors. Lucky Devan - she will teach him all about it! biking, hiking, snow camping... you name it ;) We even took skiing together!
Cariann enjoys learning. It seems she is always reading, or learning about something new.

Cariann is attentive. She notices everything --- I swear -- she has eyes in the back of her head!

Cariann gives amazing advice. For some reason her advise is usually spot-on. maybe it is just because she knows me so well --- but if she has something to say - it is usually wise to listen!

Cariann loves kids. For this reason alone will she make an amazing mom. She is fantastic with them!
Cariann has an incredible testimony. Her love for the gospel and it's princples defines her character. She is always so diligent at her callings - doing everything she can to fulfil them!
Cariann is also a great cook! I can not tell you how many amazing dishes she makes. and those cookies....... yuuummmmm to DIE for

Cariann is dependable. If she says she is going to do something -- she will do it. Not only does she complete the task, or arrive at the event, but she is early - and creates a product that is even better than you anticipated! She is always going above and beyond the call.
In a nutshell - Cariann is incredible! I wouldn't have relinquished my claim on her to anyone less than Jeff! So congrats!! I love ya! ;)

Ode to Kim

*So I started this a few weeks ago.... Oct. 31st was Kim's b-day... I'm just a few weeks late! ;)
Today is my sister Kim's 21st Birthday --- soo in here honor here are 21 things about her.

1. Kim is probably one of the best listeners I know. She had the amazing capability to make you feel like you are the only one in the room. If you need someone to listen - ask Kim.
2. Kim is a beautiful dancer. Dancing is something we have in common - but she enjoys 'modern/ballet/lyrical/jazz' much more than me. She is always dancing - I'm not sure if she knows how to 'stand still'.

3. Kim is Loyal.

4. Kim is very creative.

5. Kim is an amazing artist. For Christmas - or maybe my birthday one year she painted me a picture of two ballroom dancers - I love it! She def. has talent there.

6. Kim LOVES music. It seems like she is always looking for new artists and songs. While she and I may not agree on the 'best music' -- I usually come to love her song choices.
7. Kim is dependable. If you ask her to do something, or be somewhere, she will be there...

8. Kim is honest. If that outfit does not match -- do not worry! She will let you know! ;)

9. Kim is very focused. Anything she puts her mind to do - she has accomplished.

10. Kim is the 'grammar natzi'. She loves the English language. She has a hard time whenever she sees a mistake not correcting it. This is esp. beneficial for Kevin - since he can now call upon her to edit his papers! ;)

11. Kim is a photobooth expert! or addict -- take your pick. Every time I go to visit her - I think we take a million pictures with that fantastic little camera on her computer.

12. She loves to read - the Golden Compass/His dark materials is some of her favorite books.
13. She does not really love board games --- but she is a trooper! every holiday it seems my dad wants to play - and she will play - usually conquering the board!
14. Kim has an incredible ear - she can play by ear on the piano. When we were younger my mom had to put us in different piano books b/c she would listen to me practice and then come and play what I had been struggling to play! I am soo jealous of this talent.

15. Kim is the ungirliest girlie girls I know! I swear she can look beautiful in a plain tee-shirt and jeans - with out even trying.
16. French is Kim's preferred second language. If given the chance - she would be in Europe in a heart beat.
17. Kim really loves anything international. International Cinema, Asian culture, United Nations, movies, books, clothing... you name it!
18. Kim is a health nut. I recall a trip to the grocery store - where we stood in the same isle for 10 minutes so she could read the labels of everything saying things like "ahh - that has high fructose corn syrup in it too!!"
19. Kim is an awesome cook. Unlike me - Kim got the create-without-a-recipe gene. She is amazing!
20. Kim is very good at budgeting. I remember when we were younger she always had her Christmas money in June... just waiting for the perfect purchase.

21. Kim is one of my best friends. Amazing to think that we ever didn't get along so fabulously. Luckily I went away to college --- soo then we could be friends! now she is one of the first few people I think to call when I need to chat.

November 13, 2008


I have been lazy --- okay -- not really just not motivated...

I have quite a few posts half finished (vs. half started... take your pick). I will be finishing those and posting them soon - for your reading pleasure. for those of you who actually read this....

In other news --- I know you have been awaiting with baited breath for:
The Wedding Update!!!!!!!
My wedding/engagement count for this year:
5 roomies (Maps**, Lauren**, Steph, Cat, Mirella*)
1 pseudo little sister (Bri)
7 Dancers (Jared & Emily, Alecia, Peter, Alan & Jessica, Shadow)
2 cousin (Jen & Braden**)
13 friends engaged or will be (told on good authority...being themselves!) - Jeff (fhe bro), Mirella & Lane*, Mike, Jaron & Megan , Hop & Pamela, Sara M, Stephanie W, Suzanne W, Shawndra, Shawn R.,
1 - random guy named Jeff whose reception I went to with my friend ;)
37 friend already married - Heather, Sara, Lauren & Cody**, Sheldon & Shae, Christian & Amy, Natalie, Tracy, Nate & Kate, Holly M, Pat T., Laurie, Mike & Daisy, Jeremy, Justin J., Joseph & Jill, Karalee, Audrey, Beau, Kristy, Angela, Holly H., Katie, Trent, Brooke, Holly B. & John**, Andrew, Bill L., Maps & John, Rikki & Taylor**,
TOTAL = 65 People I know and love & 1 person I did not know before
Italics = updated!
* = receptions I am hopefully attending
** = receptions I attended
So a little note: of all my 'group of friends' my last semester at college.... there are 3 of us not engaged/married now... hopefully soon to be 2 of us... Hint Hint Bryan....incredible... there MUST be something in the water up there! and to think I moved back to vegas... just in time... or not?
In Addition: I am excited! I get to go to my FIFTH reception this year -- and wear a cute burgandy dress... will post pictures when I get the dress finished.... b/c Mirella & Lane are getting married! I am excited -- a new dress & a trip to Cali! Joy!!!
Also: Hopefully I will be going to the happiest place on earth for new years or the day after... or atleast that is my plan. I hope it works out... I wanna ride the TEA CUPS!!! ;0)