December 22, 2007

Changes --

So I realized I haven't written on here in a while -- no surprise since I haven't written in my Journal in two months either. I find that I don't want to write when hard things are happening - or have happened, because I want people to see the happy side of my life.

Well I'm not going to lie -- Life isn't always peaches and roses -- but there is always something good to be found in it all.

The past few months have been interesting --- and needless to say confusing, emotional, draining, exciting, crazy fun, and so many more different emotions. It is times like these that make you realize how important friends and family are to your-- or at least -- to my existence.

So for this Holiday season I am eternally grateful for:
*Late night talks
*Shoulders to cry on
*Listening ears
*Ridiculous pictures
*Amazing roommates
*Best Friends --
*IF Trips & Papa John's Pizza
*Amazing Guy friends
*Saltine Crackers, Power Aid, Sprite & a lap to lay my head on
*Christmas Lights
*Honda CRV's ;)
*Burnt Toast
*"I really will miss you"
*Songs that make you cry
*Songs that make you wanna jump on the couch and dance!!
*Dance parties
*White elephant gifts
*Snow ---
*Snow Forts (or the thought of them...)
*Sisters - both blood and not
*Giant Hugs
*The Gospel ---
*Texting --- I know I know
*Cute notes
*'Hanging - out' -- the good kind :)
*First Dates
*Dates - in general
*Dart gun fights
*Snow Angels
*Weddings --- even if it means I don't get the boy.... ;)
*Airplanes & Cheap flights
*The never-ending hope that I seem to have......

~I hope that Vegas will treat me as well as Rexburg --- Look out! Here I come 2008!

August 9, 2007

Sunshine & Summer Time

Can I just say that I love the Sunshine. More importantly I love, love - love love love - sitting or walking in the sunshine. Even in the freezing winter months I love walking up the hill and feeling the sunshine poke through the leaves on the trees (which are sadly no longer standing due to the new auditorium construction) on to my face. It reminds me of everything good and happy in my life. Reminds me to be greatfull for each opportunity to feel the sun on my face! I love sitting by the window with the sun coming in and reading - just basking in the warmth. Or even just laying in the grass - trying to make cloud objects.

I think sometimes I get so caught up in life and going to - feeling like I need to be doing something - that I forget to appreciate every day.

Today I walked down to my job interview - WALKED!!! - and it was amazing. I loved it - and I realized why I love this tiny town so much. Without the hustle of the students it is a peaceful place - where I have grown and learned much more than I ever dreamed possible. I walked past the first buildings in town - I am sure of it - and noticed the 'rustic' look - who knew there was a homemade craft store?! I think the buildings even have apartments over them! It struck me that there was so much history in this town that so many of the students just passed right by. So today I took a moment and thought about the stories the walls could tell - and remembered that it is the little things that make the biggest difference.

July 22, 2007


I have decided --- once again -- that life is very interesting. I am not really sure what to make of it - but I have realized that there must be a higher power at work in my life. I say this not only because it is true - but because of the crazy string of recent events in my life. It seems like everything really does work out - if you are: 1) doing the 'little things' that really make the difference; 2) making the right decision and 3) having a little faith and trust. I have come to the conclusion that this is the pretty much the only reason why things go right in my life.

Recently I have made some decisions that I feel are a step into the right direction. I have worked to align my heart with Heavenly Fathers - and thus far --- it is working out. Now - just because it is working out - does not mean that each decision and action was easy and painless -- but I think that is a large part of growing. Feeling pain - helps us grow -- and brings immense joy also! Without the pain - how could I know the sweet taste of happiness?

I do wonder when the speeding bullet -that is called my life for the past two weeks - is going to slow down -- when the spiritual high is going to come crashing down around me - and when this amazing opportunity is going to blow-up in my face. But at the same time - I truly hope and wish it doesn't. Because --- this could be the best thing in my life.... even if it isn't what I was planning on - or what I said I wanted. Plus -- since when do I get what i want anyways?!?! ;)

June 1, 2007

Summer time!

I love the signs that summer is finally here. Warm weather - friendly people - and sunshine -- and lots of it! ;)

My favorite thing about summer time is the ability to take long walks and enjoy the warm weather. I love going swimming and bridge jumping, playing sports outside and especially this summer eating lunch outside. I am looking forward to spending more time outside with the youth - and inside making sure their programs here on campus run smoothly.

It is amazing to see how many opportunities come my way because of the people I know. I get to travel to Utah to spend time with my family and a very interesting young man - all because of a friend of mine. I am grateful for the friends I have who seem to help me grow is so many more ways then I can measure.

And while life is great - I still feel like I am in a limbo stage - well I am in a limbo stage right now. I graduated - I have a full-time job - I still live in Rexburg (which is def. not a bad thing!) - I am 21 and not married. I can choose to go anywhere I want after August - and am being pulled towards Utah. The only thing I wonder is why? besides an amazing guy - what is in Utah? And then is it Provo or salt lake? Should I work for Wamu? or work in an entirely new situation!?!? so many options - and so many opportunities - the questions is - which one is the right one?! I think having options is more hassle than it is worth!

But ultimately - I am excited for summer and the fun craziness that comes with it! ;)

April 17, 2007

VT - unimaginable

Having spent the first 14 years of my life living 7 minutes from VT Campus - I can hardly imagine something of such magnitude occurring in my small home town. I grew up on this campus - with both my parents working there at different times. My childhood memories are in this small town - and my siblings were all born there. I can remember the Hokies Flags, the doughnut shop down town, the HUGE Christmas tree on campus, walking through campus with the multi-colored leaves falling - crunching them as I ran - attending the many school field trips - FFA trips - and hanging out in the Theatre watching the musical presentations of the groups, helping to put colored gels on the lights for my dad to hang, listening to students practicing - and taking clarinet lessons from a student - wondering if I could ever go to the best school in the world and be as amazing as they were. I think of going to school and church - the countless parades down main street - and Stepp'n-out in August. I remember the devastation of finding out I was possibly moving from the place I knew and loved- wondering if I would ever make it back to the best place on earth.

Many of my elementary and middle school friends go to VT now --- and to think someone could come in and opening fire on students there - unimaginable.

My heart goes out to the place I grew - up --- to my friends and their families. To the students who attend there, as well as the families of the students attending VT. To the employees and faculty of the school who put so much time and effort into their jobs. My heart goes out to the President of VT, as well as to the police force and those involved in making the decisions made today. I am sure they had no idea such an event would occur not once but twice in one day. I believe they truly made the best decision they thought for the time.

I pray for healing and trust to be reestablished on a great and beautiful campus. I pray for those who were wounded and for those families they belong to. I pray for the families of the students who fell victim to this tragedy. I pray for the shooter - and for his family. I pray that nothing like that happens on any other campus.

April 2, 2007

I Love Life!

I love life! This weekend was an amazing weekend - and I am amazed by the spirit that can be felt in any meeting of the church. (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) I am grateful for the many opportunities and blessings that comes into my life.

I was really worried before I left because somehow I acquired 2 contracts for the summer semester. I was stressing about it all week - wondering how I was going to get rid of the contract before next semester - which starts in 2 weeks. After many rounds with the managers - and being told it would be sent to collections if i was unable to find a replacement for my spot or did not pay - said managers sent me an email on Saturday stating a girl had come in to sign a contract - and since I did not pay the deposit - or first rent payment - they would be willing to just have me sign a transfer document and it would all be over!!!!!!!! SOOO amazing and lucky am I!!! honestly - I was really stressing out because to my knowledge it had been canceled weeks before and it is something I will NEVER do again.

And then conference was amazing this weekend. I am so grateful to have inspired men who lead the church. While they spoke about seemingly basic things - I realized how much we need those 'small and simple' reminders. how easily we forget to do the simple things. well - At least I do. I also hope that I can become better than I was before.

The other fabulous part of this weekend included visiting Heather in her "Doll House" --- ;D I think that I would like to move in there this fall!! ;) That was quite a riot of a time! And then seeing Rob - pretty much amazing! This weekend encompassed an amazing balance of fun, learning, spirit, socializing, friendship, and NO HOMEWORK!!! only a sign of what is to come!! yes yes yes!!

Graduation Count Down: 5 days!!

February 15, 2007

Yesterday in class was fabulous! I really enjoyed the quotes from Steady Upward Course and DPC talk. I think that we have all been prepared for the this time in history - if nothing more than for our capacity to change. I realized what a high capacity we each have! I realized we are each here at this time for an important reason - to create opportunities and help make this crazy world a better place. As graduates from this school we have a responsibility to make ethical decisions, to be able to maintain our core integrity while still being competitive in the rapidly changing world around us.

Thank you to everyone thus far who has helped to create an atmosphere that contributes to this culture we are trying to create!

February 2, 2007

Capital Finance - Change

Capital Group Mission
  • To create opportunities for our clients by helping them through change while maintaining or reducing costs.
Here are the areas we talked about in class today - sorry I am a little slow to post it!
  • Technology
  • New/update/improved Facilities
  • Case Method- new Learning Model
  • Increase Capacity - how to Optimize

Please refer to Frank's Post to my Blog from Monday January 29th for more question ideas

February 1, 2007

Finance/Capital Sites

Here are a few listing of good websites to learn about Capital/Finance that I have found recently! - good place for information about publicly traded companies. - recent new on finance issues - a web site that has lots of links to other websites about finance!! (very very very good!!) - wikipedia's def/info page - not sure how amazing this one is - but has good info if researching! - haven't looked through this site yet - but looks interesting. - def. of Capital

This is a small list for now - I''ll add more when I think of them!

January 31, 2007

First Friday Blog

As my group - Capital - went over the questionnaire for our client - I realized how much of a jump they have on many different aspects of the 'financial world.' It is reassuring to know that there are organizations who are able to be ethical and productive in most aspects of the business world. I also realized the importance of understand financial terms. If we are to consult - we have to be able to speak the language of our clients. I suppose I feel lucky to have chosen a major where I learned some of the key points – so I am not wondering and struggling in the future.