July 22, 2007


I have decided --- once again -- that life is very interesting. I am not really sure what to make of it - but I have realized that there must be a higher power at work in my life. I say this not only because it is true - but because of the crazy string of recent events in my life. It seems like everything really does work out - if you are: 1) doing the 'little things' that really make the difference; 2) making the right decision and 3) having a little faith and trust. I have come to the conclusion that this is the pretty much the only reason why things go right in my life.

Recently I have made some decisions that I feel are a step into the right direction. I have worked to align my heart with Heavenly Fathers - and thus far --- it is working out. Now - just because it is working out - does not mean that each decision and action was easy and painless -- but I think that is a large part of growing. Feeling pain - helps us grow -- and brings immense joy also! Without the pain - how could I know the sweet taste of happiness?

I do wonder when the speeding bullet -that is called my life for the past two weeks - is going to slow down -- when the spiritual high is going to come crashing down around me - and when this amazing opportunity is going to blow-up in my face. But at the same time - I truly hope and wish it doesn't. Because --- this could be the best thing in my life.... even if it isn't what I was planning on - or what I said I wanted. Plus -- since when do I get what i want anyways?!?! ;)