December 31, 2008

final 2008 count... I think :)

The Final 2008 Wedding Update!!!!!!!
My wedding/engagement count for this year:

6 roomies (Maps**, Lauren**, Steph, Cat, Mirella*, Anne)
1 pseudo little sister (Bri)
7 Dancers (Jared & Emily, Alecia, Peter, Alan & Jessica, Shadow)
3 cousin (Jen & Braden**, Jesse)
11 friends engaged or will be (told on good authority...being themselves!) - Jeff (fhe bro), Hop & Pamela, Sara M, Suzanne W, Shawndra, Shawn R., Brian B., Tracy, Rachel & Dan
1 - random guy named Jeff whose reception I went to with my friend ;)
45 friend already married - Heather, Sara, Lauren & Cody**, Sheldon & Shae, Christian & Amy, Natalie, Tracy, Nate & Kate, Holly M, Pat T., Laurie, Mike & Daisy, Jeremy, Justin J., Joseph & Jill, Karalee, Audrey, Beau, Kristy, Angela, Holly H., Katie, Trent, Brooke, Holly B. & John**, Andrew, Bill L., Maps & John, Rikki & Taylor**, Mirella & Lane*, Mike, Jaron & Megan , Stephanie W, Eric K.,
TOTAL = 73 People I know and love & 1 person I did not know before
Italics = updated! * = receptions I am hopefully attending ** = receptions I attended
Let me know if I missed anyone!!!!!

December 17, 2008



In vegas!!!!

For the Second time this week!!!

Pictures to follow!

December 11, 2008

Taking A Dare

“Love comes when manipulations stops;
when you think more about the other person than about his or her reactions to you.
When you dare to reveal yourself fully.
When you dare to be vulnerable.”

I was reading K & M's blog and this was the quote of the week. I realized that I was drawn to the word dare in this quote.

I have to come to the conclusion that anytime you start a new realtionship - whether that be friendship or romantic or even work related I suppose - you are daring to take a chance. You are getting to know them - their likes, dislikes, quirkes, pet peves, hobbies, excitiment factors, loves. But not only that you are sharing a part of yourself. A part of who you are.

I realized that purhaps this is why we have so many different people who fulfil different roles in our lives. I know for me I have those I call when I am feeling blue, those who I call to go dancing, those I call to play games, those I call to do creative artsy things with. Purhpas that is why I have so many friends! So many people to fulfil the different facets that make me up.

Very rarely though do I find someone who can share most every facet of my life. It seems like when I do - it really is a dare for me. It is something that I am not sure if I really want to do - b/c it means letting them in all the way. But it is what I imagine true love to be like. To be so sweet and so rewarding that taking a dare on someone is more than worth it. I have had a few experiences that were close to that - a few that I thought could be that - but I always seem to come up short. Purhaps it is the one thing that will distinguish the real from the fake. And purhaps it takes time to cultivate and develope that sort of relationship.

But it is a dare; it is a chance. A chance that seems would be more than worth it in the end.

December 9, 2008


I was searching for a variety in my music selection for my wonderful 'vacation day'. I decided to try Pandora for the first time. I pulled up - and typed in one of my favorite bands - Rascal Flatts. Supposedly Pandora pulls up artists with similar styles - which is did flawlessly.

I typed in a few of my other favorite songs & artists such as: Sugarland, Jack Johnson, "Happy Ending", Taylor Swift (I think I am in a country mood).

My question now is - why does it keep pulling up 'breaking up' songs?

I guess it is smarter than I know --- although I was hoping for some happy songs today - not 'break-up' songs.

As the World Turns....

what are some of your favorite happy songs?

December 4, 2008

hair choices....

I need advise....

My roommate is getting married next weekend. I am wearing this beautiful Burgundy color (pictures to follow) dress with these super cute silver shoes. The question is ---

How do I do my Hair?!
While this may seem a trivial thing - you are right - but that is besides the point! I just can not decide... do I do it straight? or wavy? or do I take a curling iron to it? half up? all down? sooo many options. Ribbon? hair band? or no? Click here for many photos of me to compare
But this is something I would rather spend my time thinking about. It is just less complicated than some of the other events in my life.
So what do you think? ;)

December 1, 2008


*tap tap tap*
uh-hem -- is this thing on?

oh - good!


My Name is Amber -

and I am addicted to playing.

There ya have it folks - I admitted it. I took the first step and I admitted that I am addicted to playing. I love hanging out with all my different friends.

Now -- how do I fix it?