June 1, 2007

Summer time!

I love the signs that summer is finally here. Warm weather - friendly people - and sunshine -- and lots of it! ;)

My favorite thing about summer time is the ability to take long walks and enjoy the warm weather. I love going swimming and bridge jumping, playing sports outside and especially this summer eating lunch outside. I am looking forward to spending more time outside with the youth - and inside making sure their programs here on campus run smoothly.

It is amazing to see how many opportunities come my way because of the people I know. I get to travel to Utah to spend time with my family and a very interesting young man - all because of a friend of mine. I am grateful for the friends I have who seem to help me grow is so many more ways then I can measure.

And while life is great - I still feel like I am in a limbo stage - well I am in a limbo stage right now. I graduated - I have a full-time job - I still live in Rexburg (which is def. not a bad thing!) - I am 21 and not married. I can choose to go anywhere I want after August - and am being pulled towards Utah. The only thing I wonder is why? besides an amazing guy - what is in Utah? And then is it Provo or salt lake? Should I work for Wamu? or work in an entirely new situation!?!? so many options - and so many opportunities - the questions is - which one is the right one?! I think having options is more hassle than it is worth!

But ultimately - I am excited for summer and the fun craziness that comes with it! ;)