May 29, 2008

Update II

Guess what?!? It's that time again --- time for the wedding/engagement update! now I know all five of you were awaiting this blessed update - and I have not let you down!  Because they are coming in so fast - I am afraid my update might be outdated before I'm done writing this!  (seriously 3 engagements this week!)

update II:
My wedding/engagement count for this year/summer:
3 roomies (Maps*, Lauren*,  Steph)
1 pseudo little sister (Bri*) 
5  Dancers engaged  (Jared & Emily, Alecia, Peter, Alan & Jessica)
1 cousin (Jen*)
10 friends engaged or will be (told on good authority...being themselves!) - Tracy, Nate, Laurie, Mike, Jeremy, Justin, Joseph & Jill, Karalee, Audrey
1 - guy named Jeff whose reception I went to with my friend ;)
8 friend already married - Heather, Sara, Lauren & Cody*, Sheldon & Shae, Christian, Natalie,
TOTAL =  28 People I know and love & 1 person I did not know before
Italics = updated!
* = receptions I am hopefully attending

Isn't it fabulous that more and more friends of mine are taking the big step and committing to someone else - hopefully for eternity!! :D  I can honestly say that I am super excited for them all!!!  Congrats!!! 

May 28, 2008

"the cockroach"

*Started this entry a few days ago and was inspired by Becca to finish it... if you find this one interest - you should read hers!! her bugg is scary looking!*

I despise bugs. I dislike them so much that I can not even express it with words. Vegas is filled with cockroaches --- millions and millions of them - everywhere. I have a theory that we do not really sit on the grass here in Vegas b/c there are cockroaches everywhere. Honestly - who wants to deal with those creepy bugs crawling on them? NOT I!!!!!! I believe this is why the bug/pest control guys do so well here --- too many cockroaches and black widows - creepy bugs - who wants their child picking up one of those and eating them?? ah! makes me shiver just thinking about it...

Well --- my parents used to use one of those 'bug guys' - but now they have decided that it is much more effective and cheaper to just do it themselves when ever there seems to be a few more alive bugs coming into our home than usual. Well while my sister and Rob were here - apparently Kim found a LIVE SPIDER in my shower -- ahhhhhh! That was it - I decided I was going to clean my bathroom - and then mom was going to spray. Unfortunately I could not clean until my day off on Wed -- sooo I just prayed I would not be the lucky one to find the creepy crawlers.

On Tuesday even I came home from hanging out with some friends. I when I pulled up I noticed that the great room light was still one - meaning my dad was still up. I was super tired so I promptly went in the house - and started getting ready for bed. I went into the bathroom and took out my contacts - and then started to brush my teeth. I was probably in the bathroom for about two minutes or so. I was brushing my teeth very innocently when I glanced up and noticed A HUGE COCKROACH in the reflection of the mirror. I let out a little scream and looked closer. It was crawling up the wall between the medicine cabinet and the mirror. I squealed a little more and finished brushing my teeth in record time. I started getting the heebie-jeebies - and freaking out a little bit. Possibly even doing the "ewwwww--- bug dance".

I raced upstairs to find my dad quietly working on the computer. He looked at my panicked face and asked if that was me screaming - and what was wrong. --- okay ---- if you heard someone screaming downstairs about 11:15pm, don't you run to see if they are okay and what see what the commotion is about? -- I would be running - are you okay - what is going on? very concerned is how I imagine myself. perhaps I think too highly of myself - because my dad did not even move. and when I came up - he just looked at me and casually say - "was that you screaming down stairs??"

Of course it was me! who else would it be! THERE IS A COCKROACH IN MY BATHROOM! Sooo I panted to him -"Dad - come quick - there is a cockroach -in my bathroom.."
Dad's response: "So Kill it."
Me: It's crawling on the WALL" apparently he was missing the urgency and gravity of the situation. There was a cockroach - crawling - on my wall!!! And I needed him - to come KILL it - NOW -- before it crawled on my toothbrush.... (even the thought now gives me the goose bumps).
I pleaded with him - "PPPPPPPLEEEEEEEEASE COME KILL IT. I neeed you too!!!"
Finally he consents - and tells me to go find a shoe. Super daddy to the rescue! came to kill my cockroach. I squirmed and stood far far away from the bathroom. I am a little nervous as to where this creepy crawler came from - and I now have a new toothbrush from the thought of the creepy creature possibly touching mine!!! ekk!

The next morning my mom asked if I was screaming last night --- and then a little later my brother asked the same thing. This made me start to evaluate my family --- honestly - if I really was in trouble - would they just ignore it!? I do not scream every day at 11:30pm -- but it diminished my faith in my family... what am I going to do if I am really in trouble - maybe something a little bit more than the 'mirror cockroach'? will my family just brush it off as nothing? will I be left to fend for myself when the centipede or spider or robber is threatening my life?

May 13, 2008

Happily Ever After - Someday

I am what you would term a hopeless romantic. I have always dreamed of marrying my best friend - someone who I find myself unable to live without (or something ridiculous like that.). I have had visions of Prince Charming riding up and sweeping me off my feet - saving me from my unknown dragons and making the 'big gesture' since I was a little girl. I love girlie movies, love Disney, love love love them. I don't love crying - but I love the stories and watching the stories and seeing their happily ever afters come true. Who knows what actually happens afterwards - but really do we watch the movies to see the divorce three years later? NO! I watch them because they are happy - they make me feel happy - and life is good!

BUT there was a point recently where I thought my heart had gone a little hard - after some huge disappointments in my life -- I could not see happily ever after - I had no desire to see someone else be happy when my hopes had been chucked to the wind. Perhaps I didn't even want to see the glass half full.

Well - it seems that there are very few of us out there who have 'single-people blogs' as I lovingly term them. Apparently most of my friends who blog are married! (Well - most of my girlfriends from the past are married... go figure!) As a result - I have been reading many - many - many posts about fabulous husbands, children's achievements, family scares, dating/engagement/wedding day stories. I love reading these - I mean I have even gotten a little teary over a few. however - at first I did not want to read them. They were a constant reminder of my disappointment. I think however - perhaps my heart is feeling better.

Here are a few reason:
*Enchanted -
~who doesn't enjoy animated characters coming to life to find their true love's kiss?! with the fabulous dresses and fantastic singing - who wouldn't fall in love?! :)
*Weddings -
~I used to have the sarcastic attitude when it came to attending yet one more wedding - but with many of my close friends now joining another for eternity - I am pretty stoked to go to at least two more this summer! (weird...)
*27 Dresses
~If you have not seen this movie - DO IT! rent it! it is actually quite funny! as chick flicks go! :)
*My best friends
~I have recently been spending an absurd amount of time with a few of my guy friends from the ward - and they are restoring my hope in the previously seemingly useless-heartbreaking male species.
~Surprisingly reading about everyone else's amazing hubbies and families has softened my heart and helped me to realize that there are still a few 'good guys' out there - and they adore their wives and families! They work hard to provide for them - they are not selfish - they are trying - because of my amazing friends who support them till the end. This has helped me to see that life isn't all that bad.

So see --- Happily Ever After is possible -- and if you let yourself make believe - you might even decide you like to be you!! it just might a take a few months! :D

May 3, 2008

Coffe, Pizza & Eggs

"Anyone who imagines that bliss is normal is going to waste a lot of time running around and shouting that he has been robbed.
The fact of the matter is that most putts don't drop, most beef is tough, most children grow up to be just people, most successful marriages require a high degree of mutual toleration, most jobs are more often dull than otherwise. Life is like an old time rail journey...delays, sidetracks, smoke, dust, cinders and jolts, interspersed only occasionally by beautiful vistas and thrilling bursts of speed.
The trick is to thank the Lord for letting you have the ride."
- Gordon B. Hinckley

I "borrowed" this quote from Brandi's blog. This is sums up my life right now. I am just enjoying the ride. So here are some highlights:

*Friday at work - I was helping a non-account holder cash a check. He asked if he could 'borrow' some of my hand sanitizer - I told him he could have it b/c I didn't really want it back! Then I helped him with his transaction - he asked questions about my social life (small talk) I finished his transaction, smiled, and sent him on his merry way to the cash pick-up. I then called over my next customer. While I was chatting for a moment and helping her, he came back and just stood at my station - asking if he could use my hand sanitizer. My customer and I (who are around the same age) kinda looked at each other with that "what the heck" look in our eyes - I shrugged and answered "sure".

Note: - Wamu's in Vegas are a little different - we each have our own "stand-alone" station. There is no teller line w/ the counter in between the teller and the customer. You may be thinking "WHAT? Isn't that dangerous??" - no! This is because I actually have no access to cash - No cash drawer to worry about balancing at night -- it is fabulous! I just do their transaction - give them their receipt with their cash pick-up code - they go to the dispenser - enter their code - and POOF!!! money! :D This is very nice - b/c if you want to rob my store -- DON'T -- you won't get much! :) now back to my story....

After the quick look at each other - I continue to processes her transaction. Inside I was kinda weary of this guy - because anyone who lingers makes me nervous! heck I work in a bank! :) So he stood there in front of my station while I finished her transaction just trying make small talk... I was almost done so I didn't ask him to move - and mentioned to him I would be right with him. Honestly - I thought I had screwed up his transaction. I handed my customer her receipt - told her to have an amazing day - and glanced back to this guy - staring at me - really creepy - well meaning - but kinda creepy. Welllll - he then proceeded to hand me back his receipt with his name - number and "Would you like to get a cup of coffee sometime?" Written on it. You can imagine my relief as my brain was going a million miles a minute when he hands me a slip with writing on it. I have heard numerous stories of tellers being robbed w/the 'note'.... so you can imagine my brief distress - almost panic-making moment AND THEN my relief when I could just say "No, Thank you though!" I couldn't help but smile to myself for my good fortune - even though I was in no way remotely interested in the fellow!

*Sunday after Church - After church on Sunday I returned home famished and starving. I thought my stomach might eat itself - which translates to mean I was happy --- and a little irritable b/c my head and stomach hurt from lack of nutrients. As I walked around my house making my presence known - I quickly realized that it was a little tooo quiet. As I investigated a little more I came to realize my family was not where to be found. They had abandoned me on Fast Sunday -- how rude!!! - What was I going to eat - if not some fantastic 'fast Sunday approved' meal consisting of meat and potatoes? honestly!! I was soo excited - only to have my hopes dashed by silence...

So I called my mom - and she told me to make a tuna sandwich - GROSS -- not a fan of tuna. So I said fine - I'll make a grilled cheese and call it good. I was really feeling betrayed and lost though - because I am so used to fast Sunday dinner cooking in the oven or crock pot - and there was nothing! So I made myself a sandwich and put it on the stove/griddle thing - and my phone started ringing. to my amazement it was my friend calling to invite me to dinner!!! joy! problem solved! Life is amazing!! :D

*After FHE on Monday -
After watching my friends play Volleyball after FHE - I walked out to my car. As I got in - I noticed little white shells on my windshield.

"hummm" - I thought to myself - "that is interesting." So I turned on my car - and this slimy stuff illuminated my front windshield. I got out of my car - looked at the front of my car - and noticed it nicely dripped down the front of my car. "Self" - I thought - "This is weird -- is that --" as I touched the stinky substance. I smelled my finger - and realized that my deduction skills were correct! Someone had smashed eggs on my beautiful a little dusty Kandy Tater. As I walked around examining my car - I found it interesting.

Let me explain where I was parked. I came 45 min. late - (work was ridiculously crazy and mom made dinner soo I was a little late to FHE) - as a result there were very few open parking spots. So I parked in the middle of the back half -- in the middle of a bunch of cars. When I walked into the parking lot i was one of the last 20 or so to leave - and so it was my car and the blue car in front of me - and then relatively no cars around for about 3 stalls on either side. to get to my car from anywhere other than the church - you had to walk more than halfway across the parking lot. Needless to say i found it quite interesting that my car was seemingly the ONLY ONE in the parking lot with the sticky clear egg whites on the hood-windshield and moon roof.

As I was walking around - i noticed a glimmer off of the car in front of me... The poor girl had gotten even more egg whites on her windshield. luckily - that was the only place it was!

As I drove home and washed off mine and her cars - I just marveled at some peoples children. I just do not understand where kids get these ideas --- or why they do them! I feel bad that they had nothing better to do than trapes across the parking lot to smear eggs on two unsuspecting girls who are only doing what they know to be right. Now if I was in a prank war -- that would be a different story -- but I am not -- and neither was she -- so it doesn't make sense!

The bright side is: My car is clean and shiny now! :)