May 12, 2012

Hot Pads

So when I got married I did not get any hot pads, but I got lots of small towels that I have been using.  For Christmas my parents gave me a sewing machine (so wonderful!!!), and with it a pattern for "Fast & Fun Hot Pad" from my mom.  I thought I would try some and break in my machine before I finished the 'easy' baby-blankets I started many moons ago.  I made some for Valentines day - and they turned out okay.  So I start on a few more with some fabric I picked out for patriotic holidays and summer.  I am excited for them, they are so easy, it only took me two hours from start to finish (and it takes me a bit when it comes to sewing and cutting) and I can customize them for any time of the year.  I just get cute fabric and viola! hot pads!  Those precut fat quarters are nice also if you are into matching fabrics.

If you follow the directions they come out a little bigger than would fit in my skinny-skinny kitchen drawer, so I just did them a little smaller 9" squares instead.

Here are the almost finished products for your viewing pleasure!

Things that make me Smile...

I love coming home to this smile.....

Who couldn't love that smile... yep it's real!
Wouldn't you!?  

For your viewing pleasure, other random pictures I love of Trixie Sue.  I love her almost as much as my husband.  shhhh - don't tell him - wait I think he already knows.  

Most recent new sleeping pose.  How does she BREATH?
Do you see the Alf-Alfa Hair?!?!


I gave in.  I have been avoiding it because I knew I did not have time for a pinterest.  But last night I needed some place to store my ideas for a guest book I am creating for a friend's wedding next weekend.   It is such a handy tool!! I could not believe how simple and easy it was.  And I'm hooked.  

So much for my "free time."  

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