January 31, 2008

Purses & Photos!

I have been looking for a good scripture case (an "Amber"-type case) for so long. I spotted this silver purse (on right) at target a few weeks back when I bought myself a new wallet (also same print as silver - however it is red). I didn't purchase it at the time - b/c I wasn't sure if I really did want it or if it would fit all my stuff. Well since then it has crossed my mind - and so tonight I decided I would go back and see if it was still everything I hoped and dreamed for. I was still a little skeptical but I bought it anways!
Dianna and I also ventured to Wal-mart (while waiting to hear from some of her mission buds) and she and I spotted the patch work purse - and I decided that I would try both and see which one I liked better!! (that was an impulse buy.... and I was surprised.. b/c I don't love wal-mart...)

When I got home - I realized that the heart purse did not fit my scriptures, journal and RS Manual -- so I tried the patchwork purse and *ahhhhhhhh* it was purrrrfect -- except for the huge RS Manual did not fit. I decided that it was okay though - b/c I will have to carry my manual for sunday school anyways - so it was no big deal!

I am so excited! :D and both for under $20! Joy! ;)
Below are a few pictures from my recent trip to Rexburg! ;)

1st picture: Rexburg Temple

2nd picture: My roommie & I outside the front - picture curtesy of the parking usher who: a)was frozen & b)cut off moroni!

3rd picture: View from the parking lot. Look at all the snow!!! (also a view of rexburg in the background)

4th picture: Ashley running back to the car b/c it was 3degrees outside!! but what a beautiful scene the cold makes! ps. note all the snow... foot & half fell the day before!!

January 30, 2008

motivation, devo talks and such

"I'm tired of being alone...
so hurry up and get here!"

So I find it interesting that I have more desire to write on here --- than to write in my own personal journal (not a good sign). I am not sure why - but for some reason I don't want to write in my journal. perhaps it is because I know I have alot of catching up to do (ie... write about all the craziness of the past 4 months...) or because it isn't happy news what I have to write -- isn't what I wanted to be writing in my journal about --- or maybe I am just lazy. Whatever be the case - I am going to do it - no matter how long it might take me. (and now that I have written it...it is goal - not a wish or a thought.....) I was thinking about just getting a calendar and pasting it in my journal - writing the various things that happened on the specified date on that - but I suppose that would just be cheating.......

Speaking of cheating --- during my lunch break - the rest of the staff loves watching the court tv shows -- me I'd rather read -- but recently I've been sucked in... anyway This show just reaffirmed my belief that people have the craziest sense of entitlement and ideas on what is right. I swear some of the situations are legit for going to court for --- but others, honestly - I don't think it is even worth it!

oh yeah -- and while I am on the subject of entitlement --- if I have one more customer come in and throw their deposit slip at me - or gawf at me for asking for ID - I think I am going to scream! Come on -- it doesn't matter how long you have banked with a bank --- or how old you are --- or anything - we live in Las Vegas --- you need to show your id everywhere -- and if it really is that much of an annoyance... ahhh! *and also -- not everyone knows you! so why people are offended by the ID request - I have yet to understand!!!!!! ** So please - don't make the poor teller, cashier, or sales person cry! Be kind! Show your id! ;)
I was reading at lunch today Pres. Clark's opening Devo Talk. President Clark always gives good devotionals - and usually he tends to be pretty upfront about certain subjects --- however this one didn't really resemble reprimanding or harshness at all. He talks about the Great War in Heaven - and then Temples. I find it interesting how drawn to the Temple everything I do seems to be recently. Devotional talks, Talks on Sunday seemed to be related to Temples - conversations with friends - and attending the temple open house! Reminds me once again - the little things are so important if I want to achieve my goals! ;)

January 22, 2008

rexburg, circles, triangles, snow, and so much more

I was thinking this weekend that it would be wonderful if my life could be like a musical - where we break into song whenever we can. I think that would be so much fun! So many times I would have a song lyric - and tune - pop in my head in response to what people were saying. It is amazing to realize A) how many songs I do know and B) that they are retained and can be recalled that fast. Plus I think I just like to sing - so why not do it all the time! ;)

I had the chance to go to Rexburg this past weekend (JOY for working at a bank and getting all federal holiday's off... seriously -- what more could you want?). I took off Friday and flew up there. I love that there is a direct flight to Idaho Falls From Las Vegas (Allegiant Air Lines.... nice!) it makes my trip only 2 hours instead of 11 or 5. but I very much dislike just sitting on a plane doing nothing --- and then being an hour late for no obvious apparent reason. That is how it was flying up there and back. Now it is winter - so I forgive them -- but really no wonder there was all that hype around Jet Blue leaving passengers on the plane last year! being stuck in a plane is awful, terrible, and tooo warm!

Rexburg itself was freezing cold (yes it snowed...all day Sunday -- ~ a foot and half at least! but it was so pretty and so fluffy!). The Rexburg Temple Open house was by far the highlight of my experience. It was so beautiful - intricate - and I can not wait to be sealed forever there - I was so amazed. It helped put back into perspective what is truly important in life and how each little piece helps make up a magnificent building - so do the little things to build your life!

Another good part about going was I felt like I am finally getting a little further removed from all the hurt and bitter feelings I have been trying to shake. I also was once again reaffirmed that everything will be okay -- and that is it okay to still care for someone - it is really only natural. and -- joy! I didn't want to chuck anyone out windows! def - a positive step in the right direction. (although I am extremely worried for her now -- I hope she is strong enough when/if it all ends......)

I also loved see my friends! My sisters - not by blood - the fabulous roommies that they are! I love midnight talks that last for hours - afternoon talks while trying to figure out how frozen dough works (ps... have you ever make rolls in muffin tins? This bag had it as one of the three options -- it was really bizarre to me...) I love random dates! (Library - 3rd floor - teacher games (ie. manipulative's...tiddly wink type counters, blocks, tangent type blocks (the mosaic type), instruments and so much more!). Dancing -- amazing --- have to find some place to dance down here -- going to go crazy!!!! Car rides - Card Games - word games (...new word...), laughing , dinner--- and colored lights!

I also saw August Rush --- now this is an amazing movie. I honestly was feeling teary through-out the entire thing. Not that it is emotional - I just felt like I could relate so many times. I think I will be buying it soon.

in other news --- I seem to just go in circles in my relationships - if anyone has any suggestions - feel free to let me know! ;)

Lastly - I realized that I have changed and grown a little more than I realized from this past summer. That is comforting to know that I am maybe coming closer to being able to commit some day --- joy!

ps - pictures coming some day - I just can't find my cord to my camera... *sad day*

January 15, 2008

I should be sleeping....

Well - I should be sleeping right now - but instead I am reading my friends blogs - and their friends blogs - and I now have too many thoughts running through my head.

Since I last updated the world on my life - I have moved to Vegas. Which has been the best thing I could have done - and the hardest.

There are a few things that I do not like about my recent adventure - thus far- as a whole.
First - would be this seeming need I feel to prove myself. I dislike-strongly the 'introduction' - 'getting to know you' phase of any relationship. Now I know that I have a few different layers (maybe a little more to me than I may show on the surface) but why is it that people seem to be so surprised when they find out information about me? Yes - I am blonde - kinda ditzy - but I do have a brain - and yet another surprise - I like to USE it! Joy! oh wait -- I KNOW how to use it... anyways - I realize that this is an essential part of relationship building and such --- I just wish I knew how to by-pass it. (and it isn't always an awful thing - but really how many times will I have to tell someone where i graduated from - what degree i received - what I am doing now - and have them act shocked!?) --- on the other hand -- I love making new friends and getting to know people, you take the good with the bad.

Second - I am a little frustrated with the 'game' one must play. I do not mind playing - but I feel like I am becoming a little cynical to the whole situation. for example: I find it more interesting to watch other people play the game and make side commentary and predictions - and be right -- than to actually take part in the fight-for-eligible-bachelor's that seems to commence. I guess I have decided that Mr.Right will come - and pay me some attention eventually -- right? ;) As much as I might like to be in control - I can't stand when the guy can't take some initiative --

Third - now why is it that the guys initial go after the amazingly cute - drop dead - gorgeous girls ---- when in the end they don't like them... I mean I love the first few weeks of the semester - just watch some time --- **guys swarm after the cute new flavors- when in reality they just like the vanilla --- but in the mean time - vanilla can't figure out where everyone went - and wonders what was wrong with her - when in reality... there isn't. ** (perhaps that was just a continuation of the previous...)

Fourth- "she's the type of girl I could see myself married too.....but I don't' know if I like her enough to date" --- what does that mean exactly??? can someone explain that one. (now it hasn't been said to me directly - but I've heard it a few times....)

Fifth- (not something we can change... but oh well) I am having a hard time with people thinking I am young.... I know 22 is young --- and I look even younger --- but it's not like I am not doing something with my life ---I've had quite a few experiences - and I thought 19 was young.....

Now a few things I have enjoyed about my new adventure:
First - I enjoy being the 'new-old face' --- I like knowing people - and getting to know more people. as much as I dislike the phase of life I'm in -- I do thrive on it! I am enjoying becoming re-acquainted with my many long-lost friends and meeting new ones. I like watching the interaction and picking who I would like to be around.
Second - I love watching people squirm.... I think that is the cynical side of me --- but it makes me smile to know that people can't just be my friend --- even after two years -- maybe that's a bad thing.... lol
Third - I am loving dinner invitations. It's nice to get away from the parentals once and a while --- but mostly I just enjoy hanging out with different groups. every experience is new and different - and i am learning so much. Plus the cooking skills are fantastic!! I love getting to know the different sides of people - domestic, not, group social or not, healthily or not
Fourth - I love the customers at work -- they are CRAZY!!! someday soon I will create a posting for the many things I learn from them..... a little preview: I am the reason WAMU's stock prices are decreasing..... ;) oh yes -- and I LOVE my job!!! co-workers = fantastic
Fifth - I like doing different things - hanging out with new people - my room (which is unpacked -- finally!!) - going to soccer games to watch my sister play!! (she's awesome....) being around to meet the girls my brother is interested in - helping with Calculus - talking my mom's ear off --- driving with the sunroof open and blasting music w/dianna & britt --- meeting lots of different types of girls - looking at houses...lol well plans... - shopping - movies - driving (new car coming soon!!!!!) FHE, firesides, reading! finally I have time for it all!
Sixth - I love living at home --- it is nice not to wonder if there is anything in the cupboard to make - or who will take you to the store next -- or even if mom will be available. plus my own room -- I mean after being responsible for everything but my cell phone for the past five years --- it's nice to just sit back and worry about other things for a short time. now I won't be here forever - why not enjoy it while I can. although I do miss my own apt quite intensely.......

So in a nutshell -- I do enjoy being home -- don't know if this is where my roots would like to be planted - but I will just have to get used to introducing myself all the time -- and the shock factor that comes with it.... But I do miss Rexburg ---- wow -- I think I'm actually tired..... ;)