July 6, 2014

Happy fourth

One of my favorite holidays is the Fourth of July.  Everything I love about summer wrapped up in one day.  It is warm, there is parades and fireworks, family and friends get together to eat, play games and have a wonderful time.  As a kid we would travel across country for a few weeks every other summer to spend time with family and we usually spent the fourth in a small town called Malad with my grandparents.  I just love 'small town' holidays.  In college I was so excited when I got to be a part of the parade and walk down Main Street waving, smiling and handing out candy.  I love getting all decked out in red white and blue also.  As an adult - not much has changed.  I hope at a chance to be in a parade.  And not to mention I just get to dress up a little baby! Whoot!   

What is your favorite holiday?

*just realized I never posted this. Whoops!*

July 1, 2014

The Grand Adventure

Hey there - it's been a while - I know.  A lot has happened in the past 18 months. A-LOT.  Most importantly - I've had a little baby.  Zz (for that is what I shall call her her) is cute.  I mean I am biased - but other people say she is legitimately cute. (Because some babies just are not really cute.  You just say that because they are a baby).  Anyways - 

I love being a mom.  More than I thought I would ever like it.  Really and truly.  It is so exciting to experience life again thru someone else's eyes.  And Zz - She is curious - even for a little 6 month old.  She has complete trust in her dad and myself and I love the way her face lights up when I come home from work.  Such a joy!!

But it is hard also.  It is hard to be at work all day. It is hard to be away from my little family. And it is hard to find time for everything I used to be able to fit in. I just would rather sit around and play with the baby. - I mean really - who could blame me with this cute face?  

So I think I will use this blog to track my journey as a working mom.  We will see how it pans out.  

Keep smiling!