April 22, 2009


I am going to Utah (again) tommorrow for the weekend. I decided to look at the weather... it is supposed to rain. The whole time.

This is me.


It snowed last week when I was there for Anne's Wedding (post to follow...later this week).

It reminds me of Kusco & Pancha in Emperor's New Groove. They are floating down the river tied to this rock - after a series of crazy events. They hear the sound of the waterfall and the conversation goes like this...

"Large waterfall?"
"Sharp Rocks at the bottom"
"Most Likely."
"Bring it on."


Happy Earth Day 2009!

This Old Earth
(to the tune of “This Old Man”)
This old Earth
Needs our help
To stay fresh and clean and green
With a pick it up; pitch it in; and throw it in the can –
This old Earth needs a helping hand!

April 21, 2009


Today I was reading the Rules Girls most recently post on how to do the first date thing. I love it! I wish so many more people could read it.

I have found so many times guys try so hard to impress on the first date - and it just turns out to backfire on them. My mom has termed it 'creative dating'. Some of my most fun - and best dates were simply and easy. No pressure dates.

Here are some examples from my limited and yet extensive dating experiences.

*Mini-Golfing -
Now this was not your traditional mini-golfing experience. We went mini-golfing around campus. We started having to hit it from the bottom to the top of the hill. There was 3 couples - and one of the couples would pick the spot to start, and another couple pick the ending destination (the hole) and off you go! Pretty hysterical! After we golfed (or just plain hit the ball) around campus - we went and got ice cream. This too was not your typical ice cream trip. We went to the local grocery store and got some vanilla ice cream. Then we each went and picked out our favorite cool-aid flavor. We went to the park, put vanilla ice cream in our mugs - and sprinkled on just a tiny bit of the flavor. We tried mixing flavors - talked and tasted each others creations. I learned alot about him - his likes/dislikes - crazy random things. It was casual, nice, creative and fun.
(note... we went on a few more dates - he is one of the few people who was ridiculously honest with me, because he created a friendship with that first date. He is now married to another girl - and she is super cute!)

*Sunrise Walk
The sunrise Walk I have been on a few times with a few different guys - but every time it is one of the most memorable activities. Usually we go pick up some sort of breakfast food - donuts and OJ - and then go for a walk to watch the sunrise. It is really a nice opportunity to chat - get to know the person and enjoy nature.

*Corn Maze
Personally I am not a huge fan of being scared -- but these were some super fun dates. They are a little more expensive - but usually it gives you an opportunity to get the know the person. Plus you are wandering around this cool field. I have played Tag - hide-n-go-seek --- or just simply wander seeing who can get from one end to the other the fastest.

*Card games outside
This is such a fun activity. We put out a blanket on the lawn - and had a little picnic. Then we played cards until way late in the evening - just laughing - asking random questions. I learned what color their tooth brush was - lol and other such things.

This was in high school - and my best friend needed a date last minute. It turned out to be a really fun date though! The guys came and picked us each up. They then blind folded us, and tossed a coin driving around for probably about 15-20 min. I honestly thought we had gone into the desert. When the car stopped they helped us out of the car (with our blindfolds still on), and lead us up this hill. (interesting how the world changes when you have a blind fold on... b/c it was really this tiny incline ha!) They lead us and sat us down and took off our blind folds. It turned out we were in a tent. We played battle of the sex's - and had some snacks. When we came out - we were actually just around the block from my house in the front yard of my best friends home. It was really fun - and I thought creative.

This activity is a little more on the expensive side - and you have to make sure your date would enjoy this activity.... but it was a blast for me! Sky-Mania is a place in Vegas that just has a huge room full of trampolines. You can pay by the hour or half-hour increments. They have tramps on the walls, floor - all over - so you can literal jump on the walls - do flips - fly through the air. They also have a spot for dodge-ball. so fun!

*Movie in the desert/woods
I have done this date more times than I can count - but it is always nice. You pick a movie - and go with it. Don't forget the TV - extension cords - converter - DVD player... etc. :) and roasting marshmallows - doing a bonfire have also been some fun things to add to it.

*Night Pictures
A couple years ago I had the opportunity to go with my friend and take some night pictures. One of the successful pictures is my blog picture. :) For this activity you need a tripod - and a good camera that you can set to manual settings. A little knowledge of camera's is helpful. :)

*Snow People
It does not snow much in Vegas, but in Idaho it snows like crazy --- occasionally. I have actually done this date in Vegas and Idaho. You just get all bundled up and go play in the snow! Build Snow people, a Snow Fort, have a snow ball fight - make snow angels - use your imagination!

*Fall Walk
I love the fall - and my most favorite thing to do is go for a walk in the crisp fall air. One of my friends found out that I love this - and we went to the park - walked and kicked the leaves. We climbed trees - played tag on the playground, sat and swung on the swings. We got ice cream from the ice cream truck -- simple and fun.

*Flour Tag
This is just a fun activity that I participated in. You come all dressed in black. You take sock (preferably older socks where the toes & heels are a little warn out...) and you fill the bottom of it with flour. Each person has their own sock, and you start out with someone "it". You race around playing tag - and how you know are "it" is when you get 'hit' or smacked with the sock filled with flour. Game proceeds until you are super tired or completely covered in flour dust. :) Note: We played on a play ground so we had a few more obstacles.

*Dance Date
These dates are esp. fun for me - because this is something I love to do. For me a dance date is not necessary when you get all dressed up to go to a formal dance - or Sadie's Hawkins. It is when the boy just takes me dancing - latin dancing, swing dancing, or just simply dancing in the living room. I love it! :) So many times I have just had so much fun being crazy and dancing.

So as you may be able to tell - I love ice cream - and just hanging out. Looking back I have had some great opportunities for simply inexpensive dates - and those have been my favorites. :)