December 31, 2008

final 2008 count... I think :)

The Final 2008 Wedding Update!!!!!!!
My wedding/engagement count for this year:

6 roomies (Maps**, Lauren**, Steph, Cat, Mirella*, Anne)
1 pseudo little sister (Bri)
7 Dancers (Jared & Emily, Alecia, Peter, Alan & Jessica, Shadow)
3 cousin (Jen & Braden**, Jesse)
11 friends engaged or will be (told on good authority...being themselves!) - Jeff (fhe bro), Hop & Pamela, Sara M, Suzanne W, Shawndra, Shawn R., Brian B., Tracy, Rachel & Dan
1 - random guy named Jeff whose reception I went to with my friend ;)
45 friend already married - Heather, Sara, Lauren & Cody**, Sheldon & Shae, Christian & Amy, Natalie, Tracy, Nate & Kate, Holly M, Pat T., Laurie, Mike & Daisy, Jeremy, Justin J., Joseph & Jill, Karalee, Audrey, Beau, Kristy, Angela, Holly H., Katie, Trent, Brooke, Holly B. & John**, Andrew, Bill L., Maps & John, Rikki & Taylor**, Mirella & Lane*, Mike, Jaron & Megan , Stephanie W, Eric K.,
TOTAL = 73 People I know and love & 1 person I did not know before
Italics = updated! * = receptions I am hopefully attending ** = receptions I attended
Let me know if I missed anyone!!!!!

December 17, 2008



In vegas!!!!

For the Second time this week!!!

Pictures to follow!

December 11, 2008

Taking A Dare

“Love comes when manipulations stops;
when you think more about the other person than about his or her reactions to you.
When you dare to reveal yourself fully.
When you dare to be vulnerable.”

I was reading K & M's blog and this was the quote of the week. I realized that I was drawn to the word dare in this quote.

I have to come to the conclusion that anytime you start a new realtionship - whether that be friendship or romantic or even work related I suppose - you are daring to take a chance. You are getting to know them - their likes, dislikes, quirkes, pet peves, hobbies, excitiment factors, loves. But not only that you are sharing a part of yourself. A part of who you are.

I realized that purhaps this is why we have so many different people who fulfil different roles in our lives. I know for me I have those I call when I am feeling blue, those who I call to go dancing, those I call to play games, those I call to do creative artsy things with. Purhpas that is why I have so many friends! So many people to fulfil the different facets that make me up.

Very rarely though do I find someone who can share most every facet of my life. It seems like when I do - it really is a dare for me. It is something that I am not sure if I really want to do - b/c it means letting them in all the way. But it is what I imagine true love to be like. To be so sweet and so rewarding that taking a dare on someone is more than worth it. I have had a few experiences that were close to that - a few that I thought could be that - but I always seem to come up short. Purhaps it is the one thing that will distinguish the real from the fake. And purhaps it takes time to cultivate and develope that sort of relationship.

But it is a dare; it is a chance. A chance that seems would be more than worth it in the end.

December 9, 2008


I was searching for a variety in my music selection for my wonderful 'vacation day'. I decided to try Pandora for the first time. I pulled up - and typed in one of my favorite bands - Rascal Flatts. Supposedly Pandora pulls up artists with similar styles - which is did flawlessly.

I typed in a few of my other favorite songs & artists such as: Sugarland, Jack Johnson, "Happy Ending", Taylor Swift (I think I am in a country mood).

My question now is - why does it keep pulling up 'breaking up' songs?

I guess it is smarter than I know --- although I was hoping for some happy songs today - not 'break-up' songs.

As the World Turns....

what are some of your favorite happy songs?

December 4, 2008

hair choices....

I need advise....

My roommate is getting married next weekend. I am wearing this beautiful Burgundy color (pictures to follow) dress with these super cute silver shoes. The question is ---

How do I do my Hair?!
While this may seem a trivial thing - you are right - but that is besides the point! I just can not decide... do I do it straight? or wavy? or do I take a curling iron to it? half up? all down? sooo many options. Ribbon? hair band? or no? Click here for many photos of me to compare
But this is something I would rather spend my time thinking about. It is just less complicated than some of the other events in my life.
So what do you think? ;)

December 1, 2008


*tap tap tap*
uh-hem -- is this thing on?

oh - good!


My Name is Amber -

and I am addicted to playing.

There ya have it folks - I admitted it. I took the first step and I admitted that I am addicted to playing. I love hanging out with all my different friends.

Now -- how do I fix it?

November 27, 2008

Photo Tagged

Cariann tagged me!

Here are the rules:

1. Go to your pictures.
2. Upload the 4th photo from the 4th folder.
3. Post (explain?)
4. Tag your friends.

This picture was taken with Rob's cell phone - April conference weekend 2007 -- right before I graduated from BYU-I. This was weekend #2 for Rob & I. Truly this is a classic pose for me - some ridiculous face! I think this is the first picture that captures Rob & I in it...

Funny story - This was a very reckless weekend for me also. I let my ride back to Rexburg leave me in Provo - before I had an alternative ride. All soo I could hang out with the cute boy in the background. It was worth it.

Rob: I like your hair in this picture.

I tag: Britt, Lindsay, Rob, Jen, Cynthia

New Goal

After seeing Twilight for the second time -- I have decided I would like to be a Denali sister...

So -- this is my new goal. Does anyone have any idea how one gets an audition for such a fantastic role. I really think I would make a good Tanya........

November 26, 2008

Books I wish I had written

I was talking to my mom last night about how I wish I could write a book like Twilight - or some of the other fantastic books I have read thus far in my life. My friend Janssen writes for the ALA Blog - and after reading her post - I started to list them in my head.

So here are a few I wish I had written:

Twilight Series
*Genius -- Stephanie Characters that everyone can relate to --- whether you are teenager or have a little more experience with life. I loved that she created a story line that I could not really predict (for the most part).

Ender's Game - and the Series
*Orson Scott Card created some amazing characters - I especially love the Shadow of the Giant and subsequent books on that side of the series. (oh... a new one just came out... it is sitting on the shelf waiting to be read!!)

Dragon Riders of Pern - and the Series
*if you like Science-Fiction/Fantasy -- these are pretty good. Set on Pern - a world far far away - with people from Earth. Very interesting to see how such an initially advanced people digress back into dragons and mid evil Europe type existence. There are TON of books - if you like series - I would recommend this one - it will keep you entertained for at least a month... or three.

Eragon Series
*hmm I am sensing a pattern here - I think I like dragons - and stories about normal people becoming extra-ordinary!

Leven Thumps Series
* yes... yes...

Westing Game
* I just really like this book - it is a mystery. There is a group of heirs trying to figure out who is the true heir. quick read - my favorite since middle school. ;)

Goose Girl - Shannon Hale
* I loved this book --- I wish I had the genius to rewrite a tale so captivating.

hmmm -- other excellent books I have read this year:

*Enna Burning & River Secrets - Shannon Hale
*Book of A Thousand Nights - Shannon Hale -- incredible read!! - she is a genius
*I'd tell you I love you but then I'd have to kill you & it's sequel -- don't know who it was by
*Screwtape letters - CS Lewis --- very difficult read for me... but a good book!
*Chronicles of Narnia - CS Lewis
*City of Sparks - maybe if I had written this one.... I would be a millionaire too -- there is a movie! ;)

November 21, 2008

The Much Anticipated Movie

***There is no Spoiler information here... just my little opinion! ;)

Last night I went to the 12:10 showing of Twilight. And to be honest I was excited -but not super excited to see the movie. From the trailers I was not too excited about the actors - I wasn't sure how they could do all the crazy effects - and to be honest how could anyone possibly do Edward justice?!? I also have a pretty active imagination and think that it is always better than the movie. :)

My two cents:
I think that if you have not read the book -- DO SO -- before going to see the movie. The character development in the movie could be a little better. I am curious to hear the opinion of someone who has not read the book - and if they could follow the story line. While developing the characters would probably add about half-hour on to the movie, I think it would be beneficial for those people who would rather "just go see the movie". It would help to understand the interactions between the characters in the movie.

If you are a die-hard Twilight fan -- well -- this movie will never live up to your standards -- let's be honest though! How could it possibly? The books were soo well written. Stephanie Myers is a genius! Going to this movie reminds me of when the first Harry Potter movie came out. I was disappointed b/c it wasn't everything I had imagined! But after some thought I came to the conclusion - it was a good movie.

So here are just a few reasons why Twilight is a good movie:

*Sound track -- is fantastic!
*Actors -- did a pretty good job -- mmm Jacob... cute -- Jasper -- ;) Roselie is beautiful - Alice is fantastic --- Jessica - well portrayed. just to name a few!
*Effects - not too bad
*Background Scenery - beautiful -- I have to go to Washington!!

Do you think they would hire me to play one of the Denali sisters? ;) I think I could do a great job!!

PS I'm still going to go with my mom & sisters next weekend.... soo it must be good! ;)

November 17, 2008

ode to cariann

*Note: I started this back in on Sept.24 which is about a week after she had her baby... I wish I could put up some of the first pictures of us... but that was back before digital cameras were not super expensive.... ha!

One of my best friends Cariann just had her first baby - a boy named Devon. So in honor of her -- here are just a few reasons why she is going to be/is an amazing mom!

Cariann and I unofficially met in Horse Back discovery my 1st block of summer semester at BYU-I. She was in 'the other' riding class - so I did not really get to know her. But being the loud person I am - she knew who I was! First day of Second Block I went to Econ and found a seat near the back. It was at the end of the day and to be honest I was just hoping I could sit in the back unnoticed, because I was pretty sure I did not know anyone in the class. Then this girl walked in the room - and looked at her trying to figure out why she looked familiar to me. She saw me - and came right over to see if she could sit in the seat next to me. She wasn't shy or afraid it seemed. We were basically instantly friends - she came over to my apt to do homework/hang-out... and well folks we've been bff since!

Cariann is self-less. Our Junior year we lived together she was my angel. I think they were the busiest semesters I had experienced thus far. She always made sure I had something to eat... even if it was just a Grilled Cheese & shake from Millhollow - she would sneak it up to me in the math lab... angel... I might have died w/o her! She never once forgot about me -- anytime they did anything and I wasn't home -- she would let me know. I know that there were so many times she wanted to strangle me... but she didn't!

Cariann is very organized and clean. She was always cleaning and organizing things. Sometimes she would even organize my piles... ;) She always was doing her best to keep things clean and neat. She taught me, by example, that there is a brighter and happier spirit in a clean and neat home.

Cariann is an amazing listener. I do not know how many nights I talked her to sleep with my 'issues'. We have gone on many walks -- exchanged hundreds of emails - and she always listens to my ridiculousness! She hardly ever interrupts - only when she knows I just need to stop talking. ;)
Cariann loves unconditionally. I know this first hand. While being roommates I was pretty stressed at times. Any time we got upset at each other- she would find some way to apologize or make it better. I loved getting little notes from her! She has loved me at my worst, been the one to just play with my hair, make popcorn, watch sappy movies and tell me it will all be okay - when it seemed like nothing was ever going right.

Cariann is brave. If you want to know more -- just ask her how her and Jeff got together! ;)
Cariann loves the outdoors. Lucky Devan - she will teach him all about it! biking, hiking, snow camping... you name it ;) We even took skiing together!
Cariann enjoys learning. It seems she is always reading, or learning about something new.

Cariann is attentive. She notices everything --- I swear -- she has eyes in the back of her head!

Cariann gives amazing advice. For some reason her advise is usually spot-on. maybe it is just because she knows me so well --- but if she has something to say - it is usually wise to listen!

Cariann loves kids. For this reason alone will she make an amazing mom. She is fantastic with them!
Cariann has an incredible testimony. Her love for the gospel and it's princples defines her character. She is always so diligent at her callings - doing everything she can to fulfil them!
Cariann is also a great cook! I can not tell you how many amazing dishes she makes. and those cookies....... yuuummmmm to DIE for

Cariann is dependable. If she says she is going to do something -- she will do it. Not only does she complete the task, or arrive at the event, but she is early - and creates a product that is even better than you anticipated! She is always going above and beyond the call.
In a nutshell - Cariann is incredible! I wouldn't have relinquished my claim on her to anyone less than Jeff! So congrats!! I love ya! ;)

Ode to Kim

*So I started this a few weeks ago.... Oct. 31st was Kim's b-day... I'm just a few weeks late! ;)
Today is my sister Kim's 21st Birthday --- soo in here honor here are 21 things about her.

1. Kim is probably one of the best listeners I know. She had the amazing capability to make you feel like you are the only one in the room. If you need someone to listen - ask Kim.
2. Kim is a beautiful dancer. Dancing is something we have in common - but she enjoys 'modern/ballet/lyrical/jazz' much more than me. She is always dancing - I'm not sure if she knows how to 'stand still'.

3. Kim is Loyal.

4. Kim is very creative.

5. Kim is an amazing artist. For Christmas - or maybe my birthday one year she painted me a picture of two ballroom dancers - I love it! She def. has talent there.

6. Kim LOVES music. It seems like she is always looking for new artists and songs. While she and I may not agree on the 'best music' -- I usually come to love her song choices.
7. Kim is dependable. If you ask her to do something, or be somewhere, she will be there...

8. Kim is honest. If that outfit does not match -- do not worry! She will let you know! ;)

9. Kim is very focused. Anything she puts her mind to do - she has accomplished.

10. Kim is the 'grammar natzi'. She loves the English language. She has a hard time whenever she sees a mistake not correcting it. This is esp. beneficial for Kevin - since he can now call upon her to edit his papers! ;)

11. Kim is a photobooth expert! or addict -- take your pick. Every time I go to visit her - I think we take a million pictures with that fantastic little camera on her computer.

12. She loves to read - the Golden Compass/His dark materials is some of her favorite books.
13. She does not really love board games --- but she is a trooper! every holiday it seems my dad wants to play - and she will play - usually conquering the board!
14. Kim has an incredible ear - she can play by ear on the piano. When we were younger my mom had to put us in different piano books b/c she would listen to me practice and then come and play what I had been struggling to play! I am soo jealous of this talent.

15. Kim is the ungirliest girlie girls I know! I swear she can look beautiful in a plain tee-shirt and jeans - with out even trying.
16. French is Kim's preferred second language. If given the chance - she would be in Europe in a heart beat.
17. Kim really loves anything international. International Cinema, Asian culture, United Nations, movies, books, clothing... you name it!
18. Kim is a health nut. I recall a trip to the grocery store - where we stood in the same isle for 10 minutes so she could read the labels of everything saying things like "ahh - that has high fructose corn syrup in it too!!"
19. Kim is an awesome cook. Unlike me - Kim got the create-without-a-recipe gene. She is amazing!
20. Kim is very good at budgeting. I remember when we were younger she always had her Christmas money in June... just waiting for the perfect purchase.

21. Kim is one of my best friends. Amazing to think that we ever didn't get along so fabulously. Luckily I went away to college --- soo then we could be friends! now she is one of the first few people I think to call when I need to chat.

November 13, 2008


I have been lazy --- okay -- not really just not motivated...

I have quite a few posts half finished (vs. half started... take your pick). I will be finishing those and posting them soon - for your reading pleasure. for those of you who actually read this....

In other news --- I know you have been awaiting with baited breath for:
The Wedding Update!!!!!!!
My wedding/engagement count for this year:
5 roomies (Maps**, Lauren**, Steph, Cat, Mirella*)
1 pseudo little sister (Bri)
7 Dancers (Jared & Emily, Alecia, Peter, Alan & Jessica, Shadow)
2 cousin (Jen & Braden**)
13 friends engaged or will be (told on good authority...being themselves!) - Jeff (fhe bro), Mirella & Lane*, Mike, Jaron & Megan , Hop & Pamela, Sara M, Stephanie W, Suzanne W, Shawndra, Shawn R.,
1 - random guy named Jeff whose reception I went to with my friend ;)
37 friend already married - Heather, Sara, Lauren & Cody**, Sheldon & Shae, Christian & Amy, Natalie, Tracy, Nate & Kate, Holly M, Pat T., Laurie, Mike & Daisy, Jeremy, Justin J., Joseph & Jill, Karalee, Audrey, Beau, Kristy, Angela, Holly H., Katie, Trent, Brooke, Holly B. & John**, Andrew, Bill L., Maps & John, Rikki & Taylor**,
TOTAL = 65 People I know and love & 1 person I did not know before
Italics = updated!
* = receptions I am hopefully attending
** = receptions I attended
So a little note: of all my 'group of friends' my last semester at college.... there are 3 of us not engaged/married now... hopefully soon to be 2 of us... Hint Hint Bryan....incredible... there MUST be something in the water up there! and to think I moved back to vegas... just in time... or not?
In Addition: I am excited! I get to go to my FIFTH reception this year -- and wear a cute burgandy dress... will post pictures when I get the dress finished.... b/c Mirella & Lane are getting married! I am excited -- a new dress & a trip to Cali! Joy!!!
Also: Hopefully I will be going to the happiest place on earth for new years or the day after... or atleast that is my plan. I hope it works out... I wanna ride the TEA CUPS!!! ;0)

October 24, 2008

Did you know....?

My friend Janssen posted an entry today about her college experience and how she ended up in the major she graduated in. She then asked this question:

"What was your major and would you do it differently if you could go back?
Or if you don't have a degree, what would you pick?"

As many know I graduated with my bachelors in Business Management - with my emphasis in Finance & Human Resource. I always pride myself that I did not change my major at all while at BYU-Idaho. However I suppose I never mention that I changed it before I got up to school.

All my life I have grown up around the 'entertainment industry' -- meaning my dad worked as a Technician for the Virginia Tech Music Dept for most of my childhood. and then as a light & sound tech at various hotels on the strip. I grew up around music, theatre, and dance. It was what I wanted to do for soo long. I started playing the piano when I was in 1st grade which does not make me good...b/c i hated any 8 yr old. I was in band all throughout high school - I can remember singing with the choir at church from a very early age. I have danced since I was three. So when we moved to vegas - I was in band my freshman year, tried some theatre my sophomore year and stuck with choir for my junior and senior year. Of course when it came time to fill out college applications, in the little desired major box, I wrote Music Education.

I was excited! I have always admired my music teachers. My first being my mom --- so it seemed like the logical thing to do. I was working at a bank for my 'real job' -- but all my 'fun times' included music of some sort. Why not? I took music theory ap my senior year and loved every minute. I loved figuring out cords and triads. It was like a puzzle to me. I even applied for a scholarship with the music dept at UNLV.

Well my parent's were not too excited. I think they knew it was something I might end up hating if I tried to make it my life. When I got accepted to BYU-I for the winter/summer track - I thought - fantastic! I am going to take classes at UNLV before I go... get some pre-reqs out of the way. Perhaps if I liked UNLV I would just stay. My parent's convinced me to minor in Business -- so I took intro to business that fall semester along with geology, an intro to dance class and Spanish.

As the fall semester progressed -- I realized I loved my business class - however, did not enjoy the environment surrounding UNLV. I could not wait to get out of town. I realized how much I liked my job and just put it on the back burner to think about.

I started to make my schedule for BYU-I... and suddenly realized -- if I majored in music it would take me for-ev-er to graduate. I would have to take so many one and zero classes -- making my schedule hectic every semester. Did I really enjoy singing and theory that much? I really started to evaluate my 'declared major' --

One morning I woke-up and promptly decided that music was not for me. While I loved it -- I did not want to kill myself for it. I called up BYU-Idaho and told the nice gentleman on the other side of the phone I would like to change my major - and was there any possible way to do that. Once he discovered I had not even started up there yet - it was as easy as clicking a button. And Folks --- I haven't looked back since.

I loved my major --- I love business - I loved learning about the various elements. I also loved my college experience more because I think I was able to diversify my classes a little more. I had more opportunity to take different classes of my interest - like 2 piano classes, a dance class a semester, horseback discovery (my biology credit on horse back!) , photography and I even got to create my own emphasis for the HR one -- all b/c of my core junior bus. classes.

Because I choose to major in business - I was also able to be more involved in organizations on campus. I had the opportunity to serve more because I was not consumed with little classes. I also was a major participant in my music and dance classes - I was a TA for both at one point or another. For my job all four years I tutored math on campus - teaching all along the way. So I still had many opportunities to teach - just not the subject I originally thought.

I have had many opportunities post graduation as a direct result of my activities during college. I worked as a program assistant for Youth programs at BYU-I last summer - doing marketing! I worked for Wells Fargo -- and now For WAMU now part of Chase . I am working to get experience in the industry - so I can then go and be a recruiter and/or trainer! living the dream!

But never fear -- my music dreams have not been squashed -- I am a faithful singer in the choir at church & institute when I am in town and I play piano and will be singing with Alyson in church in a few weeks! I figure I can continue to use my musical talent in other ways -- to benefit my family, friends and others around me -- and not have to kill myself for it. ;)

October 22, 2008

Today's Find

My friend posted this website where people put interesting notes they find on it.

I liked today's find . The first message I saw was "Don't think too much -just play." I think that was written just for me. ;)

October 11, 2008

High School Tag

So I haven't really ever done one of these -- but got tagged - and figured it would be fun to pass on too!!

1. Did you date someone from your school? What 'dates' I went on -- yes.

2. What kind of car did you drive? I didn't drive during high school -- but I rode in lots of cute little cars. Tyler's truck/April's gold-then silver Saturn/George's various family cars/my parent's van or little car... and soo many more!

3. What was the most embarrassing moment of HS? hmmmm -- embarrassing moments --- I can not really think of anything. I was just plain awkward to be honest.

4. Were you a party animal? hmm - social activities, church dances,

5. Were you considered a flirt? I do not think so - akward remember - although I was in love with George & Tyler most of my HS career.

6. Were you in band, orchestra, or choir? ahhh yeah! I played Clarinet my freshman year... but I hated marching... sooo Sophomore year I tried Theatre --- and Junior & Senior year I sang in choir. I was soprano section leader my senior year. ooo -- and I pretended to be able to play the piano... but mostly I just played parts during practice. oh yeah -- and I was in Madrigals my senior year also! ;)
ps... I do not think that people who choose to increase their talents are dorks... cough cough Britt...j/k

7. Were you a nerd? hmmm -- depends on what 'nerd' constitutes. I was in all honors and advanced placement classes -- I graduated high honors -- but I didn't really go out of my way to study or anything. I just liked school.

8. Were you on any varsity teams? nope nope nope --- I danced my entire life... soo sports were out for me. Although if I could have picked a sport - I probably would have wanted to do Soccer... ;)

9. Did you ever get suspended/expelled? No.

10. Can you still sing the fight song? hmmm - I was taking money to my sister last night and heard the fight song -- and started humming along. I think I played it a million times my freshman year.

11. Who were your favorite teachers? Loya & Pope - my junior and senior English teachers. My music theory AP teacher (yes-- I was a declared music major at UNLV... music ed... then I changed my mind....and went to BYU-Idaho... Business Finance)

12. Where did you sit during lunch? in the court yard in front of the cafeteria -- freshman year by my English class on the stairs. Sophomore year - either at the table closer to the offices or with George and his friends. Junior & Senior year at 'Our table' in the middle of the court yard.

13. School mascot? SKY - HAWKS! whoot whoot!

14. Did you go to homecoming, and with who? Only went my Senior year --with Miles Orton (who looked super nice...) it was the craziest date I have ever been on... meaning nothing worked out for him! Poor Kid. We decided to go two days before - I hated my dress...that shiny forest green lacy thing... - my dad asked him what his intentions were (we were -- friends -- that's it) - he didn't really want to dance - the place we went to dinner -- well we couldn't find it! I do not even remember what we ended up eating that night. annnd -- yeah.. that's all I remember. but being with Miles was fun - just sad that everything went wrong. lol

15. If you could go back and do it again, would you? No, I like my independence and not being pressured to be someone other than myself.

16. What do you remember most about graduation? My name is Amber Allen - so that means I sat on the front row - in the first seat - on the corner. We had a million more guys than girls - so most of the guys had to march twice. I remember the speakers talking - but I have no recollection what they spoke about.

17. Where did you go on senior skip day? So I was really excited about Senior Skip day -- waiting all my years till I could actually skip a day -- and not feel guilty. Well my mom told me that if I skipped she would find some way to call the truant officer and have me spend a night in Jail. true story So --- I didn't ditch b/c knowing my mom - she would find some way....

18. Were you in any clubs? Swing Dance Club, A 'new to the school' helpers club, hmmm there was something else b/c I got a cord for it... can't remember though.

19. Have you gained some weight since then? gained and lost -- now I'm back down-maybe even less -- but I look a million times different... I grew'd up! no glasses, braces, I wear a little make-up, actually do my hair -- care what I am wearing. :)

20. Who was your prom date? I only went to my Junior Prom -- with Tyler Smith --- it was perfect for my 16-yr old life. I loved my dress - dinner was soo fun -- I loved dancing - I was treated like a princess the whole evening, although the week leading up to it - we almost didn't go! He kissed someone else... drama, drama, drama is my dating life -- even at 16!

21. Are you planning on going to your 10 year reunion? 5 more years -- heck why not!! :)

22. What cliques were you in? I was really a social butterfly (still am) - I hung out with lots of different 'cliques' - because I made friends with all types of people over the four years. I guess we could group them into a few categories: Band, LDS, Choir

I tag - Lindsay, Hop, Kim, Cynthia, Pamela - and anyone who would like to do this... ;) kinda interesting looking back!

October 9, 2008

Tantalizing Thursday

There are so many good adjectives. Usually I just stick with the usual - Terrific, Fabulous, Tubular, Marvelous, Manic, Wonderful... etc. Today I wanted to find a 'new' word. So my Co-worker and I set out to find a new Thursday adjective. We brainstormed, we used the thesaurus, and yes -- googled it. Among the list there was 'tantalizing' --- I smiled and knew that was my word for the day.

Do you have any positive "T" adjectives or other fun describing words?

Here are a few reasons why at just noon this Thursday morning -- Tantalizing - is the word to describe my day:

*My alarm went off at 6:20 so I could go running this morning. I hit the snooze for 1/2 hr. No running.
*I was going to do my hair curly -- decided too much work and put it up in half-ponytail.
*Got to work - decided I wasn't going to make it through the day - bought a Vanilla Bean w/Carmel Blended Creme from Starbucks... mmmmmmm sooo goood
*Yesterday I got pizza for lunch instead of eating the lunch I actually brought from home....
today --- I was going to eat the lunch from yesterday -- we decided to order Cafe Rio... Pork Quesadella here I come!!

September 30, 2008

Pearls before breakfast

I was at my sister's the weekend and on her apt whiteboard is a guy's blog address. I was curious - and he seemed pretty nice from observation - So I thought why not - I'll check it out.

In one of his postings he put this article: "Pearls before breakfast". It was very thought provoking - and made me wondering if purhaps I miss this music sometimes.

Take a moment to read it - if you want. ;)

September 27, 2008

Five more minutes....

I am so excited --- which is probably why the past 5 minutes have seemed like 5 years!!! ahh!

I'm going to hang out a date with my fantastic friend scott - and a whole group of people I do not know -- I should be nervous right?? NOPE -- I am just plain excited... this is a change. A change for the better - I hope!


September 23, 2008

She smiled

As she walked across the speckled side walks she noticed the sun rays lazily flowing down intertwining with her hair. As she looked around she noticed the new yellow paint on the railing, the slight breeze rolling across the tall palm trees. She heard the chatter of the girls across the street - and just had to laugh at the cat calls from the car passing by. She took a deep breath of the warm air and sighed.

"This is one of those days" - she thought - "one of those days when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, and you remember for no particular reason why it is life is good."

September 20, 2008

Things that made me smile this week...

This week has been one of the craziest weeks at work.... Thanks media! And I have the best cold ever! So instead of complaining about how much I no longer want to talk about the financial world -- or about how my throat and nose STILL hurt --- I will list a few events that gave me cause to smile. if you want elaboration on any one in particular - just comment!

*Racking up minutes on my phone -- free minutes!

*Being a fly on the wall in a guys apartment... rockband, date plans, cake inhaling, jokes,

*Expensive Dinner with a group of your friends
*3 missed phone calls
*The "Oh Crap" Handle
*Sarcastic comments after dumb comments from customers No - I do not get paid to tell customers that WAMU is not closing it's doors anytime soon..... yes someone asked me if they pay me to say that.... *sigh*
*Sliding on the slippery floor
*Watching and Refreshing dance moves with one of my best friends
*Mono-tone Computer voice
*Tylenol Cold - The Day medicine has save my life this week
*Orange Juice
*Star finally greeting me at midnight she's been sick... :( poor puppy!!
*FHE Soccer - with 'da boys
*Chatting with Kim -- I love my sister I love my sister!!
*Late night chats -- & Gold stars!!
*3rd Nephi
*Thin Blueberry pancakes & bacon thanks mom!
*Finding the Job you have been looking for - and applying for it! no promises on anything... i just like applying for jobs!
*Sept Las Vegas Evening - light breeze - 70 degrees - sooo nice
*Taking a Walk while chatting with one of my favorite people on a Sept. LV evening ;)

September 11, 2008

when I get married.....then I will....

Yesterday my mom and I had an interesting discussion about my social life -- and my lack of domestic skills - or at least the lack of their appearance in Las Vegas.

I suppose I sub-consciously decided that when I get married I will start to cook on a consistent basis. Currently I have really no reason to cook on a regular basis. On my days off during the week - I try to help and make some mean cuisine - but since those weekdays are not only a few times a month okay two it really does not happen that often. So I suppose you can see why my mom would be concerned.

I felt the need to reassure her that when I do not live at home, when I get off earlier, and even when I am visiting friends --- I enjoy making meals. At college in quite a few apts. I was the Sunday Dinner instigator as well as make some sort of food most nights. I will admit my last year of college I may not have been quite as ambitious -- only eating pasta, sandwiches or whatever I could throw together quickly. But that does not limit my recipe following skills.

I think that I do not share this portion of myself with others because we are content to go out to a restaurant and eat yummy food from there -- heck I live in Vegas! there are soo many options! ;)

And so --- never fear mom -- I do know how to cook --- and someday --
when I get married
I will be a little more adventurous and consistent in my food preparations skills... until then -- White Chocolate Grill -- here I come!

September 10, 2008

Summer Time

So I have been periodically updating on various thoughts - but I have not really taken the time to post about the fun - and crazy things I have been doing! So here goes my summer (thus far... because summer is not over yet... I live in Vegas!) in a nut shell.

Jen & Braden's Wedding
I remember a year ago when Jen got home from her mission when I came to visit for a few days and I first meeting Braden "the collar popper". He came over to watch a movie with Jen & I -- and I actually thought he was a purty cool guy - spoke Tagalog, was into film, didn't seem weird around me the first time we met. It was pretty much history from there -- since they have been married for about 2 months!

Their wedding was fantastic! as pictured Jen looked stunning - like a model. I think she looked like Snow White! click here to see her blog w/pictures To me the day seemed pretty flaw-less. The weather was fantastic - beautiful, sunny, clouds - but the white fluffy kind. We had pretty close to the whole family there - The reception was so well planned and taken care of. I even enjoyed helping out with the table decorations putting her pictures up on the tables. It was just fun to be around everyone - making her day special - because we love her!!! (and Braden.. hee hee)

Fourth of July
This day was fantastic! I went and hung out at Dianna's in the afternoon at her family's fantastic party - and then with a group went to The District to watch Transformers on the grass. I love hanging out with my friends sitting on the grass - just playing and hanging out! My parents even ended up coming and staying the whole time! afterwards a few of us went and played scrabble at my house - and I was surprised by how much fun I had. So for the record - Scrabble is fun-tastic! ;)

Maps (aka Pamela) & John's Wedding w/a little side note
I was so excited for this wedding! Almost as excited as for Jen's. Not only did I get to see my family -- but all my roommates from college. Oh how I love those girls!
side note:
I flew into SLC on Sunday morning - went to church and spent the day with my family. My Aunt asked me to go pick up my brother & sister from Provo using her car (well my cousin's - but he was at boot camp...). Well on my trip back - I dropped them both back off at home - and was taking a detour to go see my cousin's new apt. I was making a left hand turn - using my blinker - on the green arrow - w/my seat belt on - going under the speed limit. I was shaking - as I pulled over trying to figure out what the heck I did wrong...

As you can imagine I was a little baffled as the officer walked up to my window and said: "May I see your license and registration please."

As I handed the nice police officer the registration & my license, I looked at him and asked "Did I do something wrong".
He looked at me baffled probably thinking:
"This girl is can she ask me that -- of course she did something wrong - otherwise, I would not be pulling her over!".
He replied: "Your plates..."
Me: "My plates? What is wrong with them?"
Officer: "They expired"
Officer: "yeah - back in April"
Me: ARE YOU KIDDING ME? hmmm -- okay -- well this isn't my car...

At this point - I'm just amazed, shaking like a crazy person - the officer of course wants to now know my life story - and isn't being very kind about it. He takes my info - goes back to his car - I call my aunt - she is just in awe --- she had no idea! :) and then the officer comes back. Luckily my story checks out (like it wouldn't...ha!) and I get off with a warning- being told to go straight back to my aunts (an hour away) and let her know. So my first time ever being pulled over - and I didn't do anything wrong! ;) *sigh*
End side note

The next morning I got up and took a different car to Maps & Anne's house. I then proceeded to have the best time with Maps & Ashley & Anne & everyone else! I love hanging out with my roommates - those girls are so fantastic! Maps asked Ash and I if we wanted to run errands with her - which of course we did! So we made a trip to wal-mart for pictures and pre-natal pills ("You dropped the pills!! If my kids are stupid -- I'm blaming you!!" "WHAT? but if they are smart... it's my fault too then!" "no-- they are going to have my genes!!" "hmmm--- o-k-ay...") then we went to get our nails done - Maps had her nails and toes done - while Ashley & I just our toes.... I am never. ever. doing my own toes again... I am converted to the pedicure!!! We also had lunch at this fantastic little place - I can't remember what it is called -but if you are in Centerville/Bountiful - you must go there! hee hee

In the evening Ashley, Stacey, Heather, Sharon (i think.. sorry..they are twins I can't tell apart yet!) & I took turns eating and watching Maps & Anne's nieces & nephews while they went to the Family Dinner. Can I just say precious! The girls were so cute! At first they would only go to Stacy -- and then I won their trust and they would only go to me. As the evening wore on the girls became friends with everyone so they would hang out with all of us. The boys were so much fun also. We just played outside for a few hours - and then right everyone got back we put on a movie... ;)
After the family dinner - it was GIRLS TIME!! No Boys allowed! So we kicked out John and the 10+ of us and we did girlie things. We went on a picture/video scavenger hunt to do some crazy things for Map's last night. ie. Picture in the dumpster, speaking to someone in a foreign language, running through the sprinklers, picking your nose in public, talk in a foreign language asking for direction, being a part of the hug patrol, doing silly walks idea came from the funniest u-tube videos! thanks Stacey -- just silly fun things. I brought the wrong memory card - so someone else has most of those fantastic pictures....still waiting to see them... ;( Then we came back to her house and just had fun being around each other - I helped Maps get ready for the morning - just things to keep her mind off of the jitters & to help her sleep. Ashley, Heather and I slept in the downstairs apt where Maps & John would be living --- can I just say super cute!! her family sure loves them!

In the morning Ashley & I got up early to help Maps with the various things she needed to be finished - Ashley with map's make-up and such - me with cleaning her flip-flops -putting everything together so she wouldn't forget anything which of course didn't really help... love ya Maps! It was fun to be a help and kinda get a 'backstage' look at what goes on before/during/after the wedding and reception. Can I just note that my wedding is going to be soo planned! spreadsheets with all the information anyone could every ask for --- where the flowers need to be picked up... what time... who is assigned it - you get the idea - all thanks to mapsiee! ;) JOY! And it was fantastic - we picked up her bouquet, Ash and I went early to the Temple before they went in... Beautiful! Maps & John just looked stunning - the sun was shining... well while we waited Ashley & I took a nap. and when we woke up - it was overcast & cloudy & drizzle.... ha! but her pictures actually turned out quite nicely - and despite all the craziness - everything went off w/o a hitch!
Her reception was fun for us girls as we just stuck together and hung out. I tried my hand at a little photography - which I am beg. to think is fun! :) I was super jealous when Maps 'tossed' the bouquet to Anne - something about twins...and sisters... i just don't understand!! ;p okay - okay - tossed might be giving you the wrong impression - she HANDED IT OFF to Anne.... no chance for the rest of us!! All in all -- Maps & John left - the wedding was cleaned up - and I went to go gather my stuff and head back to South Jordan for the evening. ;) no worries Anne - I will be doing all the same for you when you get married! promise! ;)

23 on the 23rd
I woke up early that morning (okay... 9am may not be that early for some...but it was after wedding festivities!) to my mom, Aunt & Uncle singing a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday with breakfast in bed -- for me!!! Waffles & raspberries & powdered sugar my mouth tis watering just writing about it & bacon & OJ! It was the best! Soo yummy too! I just could not help but smile - and be excited! My very first breakfast in bed.

Of course when you are planning your b-day in another town everything you hoped would happen falls through. So I spent the day with my mom and my aunt -- and I couldn't have asked for anything better! We went to lunch - went shopping & I got new sneakers amazing how new shoes make you feel like you are floating.. I could run for miles now! - We had really yummy dinner & fantastic little cake w/flowers and sprinkles!! We also went to see Mama Mia. Mama Mia was soo funny -- 007 singing - fantastic looking ladies - fabulous singing - good plot - nice chick flick what more could you want?! Thanks Mom & Aunt Kathy!!

24th of July aka Pioneer Day
Kevin decided to run in the Provo Pioneer Day Classic - so it was another early morning to add to my summer. Mom & I drove down to Provo to watch Kevin leave to run and come back to cross the finish line - placing 3rd in the 5K!! I then spent the rest of the day in Provo with Kimmy.

We ended up playing cards all afternoon (JOY!!) with some of the guys from 'across the street'. Scott & I instantly became good friends - and I am sure glad Kim called him to play with us! Mickey Cards, Blanket, Sunshine, and new fun friends! It was great! We also went to watch fireworks with Scott & his roommie later that evening - ;) oh how I love the flying fireworks! almost as good as Idaho Fall's show.... almost

I ended the day just talking to Kim - I love hanging out with my sister! I can't believe we ever didn't really like each other! I love her!
Going Away parties & Metor Showers
For Kelsey's last night before going up to UNR we watched the Meteor Showers - and hung out. We did not see very many because we all had to be up early in the morning - but it was so nice to just hang out with friends and watch the sky. I remembered how small we are in the universe - but how fantastic it will be - b/c He made one of those planets for me!! Plus -- we found a new saying "God throws rocks at dumb boys too - they are just called meteors." ;) yeah for girls!!

August Utah Trip/Emily Emily Emily!
In August I made one more trip up to Provo to go pick up Emily to come play for a few days! Kim & friends ended up coming down the day before for a dance competition - So I was fortunate enough to be able to follow them back up! JOY!
While in Ut for the brief 36 hours I packed as much Kim, Kevin, Emily & Scott time as possible. We made dinner sat night - watched Olympics, chatted it up until all hours, went to church, walked in the fantastic sunshine that didn't make you want to melt in an instant, make more dinner, watch random u-tube videos - and be picked up by a amazingly strong guy! I felt like the stay was definitely not long enough - but headed back down to Vegas.
Emily was fantastic and read the second half of Twilight to me while I drove. She did voices, dynamics, the whole nine-yards. I actually felt like I was even more a part of the story! ;) When we arrived back in vegas -- we slept! ;D
That whole week was just jammed pack with crazy fun as we played as much as possible. We even did a little more of the strip extravaganza, went to pool parties, hung out with old friends, ate at the cheesecake factory! yum yum yum! It was soo fun to have her here! and nice to have a roommie again who I could mull over the events of the day before falling asleep for a few days! Love ya EM!!!
Also Heath and Drew made a stop-by appearance... It is nice to know you can pick up right where you left off even after 9 years! ;D

Scott Weekend
My friend Scott came to play for a few days also. I love having him around! He is just a funny guy - we clicked so well - and had alot of fun! We went to parties, tried to stir up rumors in church, went out for lunch, and just enjoyed each other's company. Note for those curious: Scott is fantastic - and a very good friend... who goes to school in Provo. That's all for now! ;) He also just happens to be my sister's FHE bro now... ha!

So in summary ---
My summer was fantastic - lots of trips to UT - to see amazing ppl! As much as I loved this summer - I am excited for the Fall!! Warm Vegas Weather -- I already have a La Jolla Beach trip & UT trips coming! Has anyone been to the plays in St. George? would you recommend them? I am thinking about going...

September 8, 2008


Have you ever been so hungry your stomach felt like it was going to eat itself??

hmmm -- I am starving!


Have you ever met someone who you knew instantly you would be if nothing else great friends with?
Like you were destined to meet - and be friends. There is not any mistrust, or guarded feelings - no prejudice or miscommunication. You are honest because you feel like you have known them forever. It makes you happy to hangout with them - because they are your new best friend. You feel this unknown - maybe even undeniable - magnetic connection to this person. You want to call them and tell them everything - and it freaks you out.

It freaks you out because it is soo fast. You do not do fast - you enjoy the journey, the memories, learning along the way. How many times has this happened to you? Fast on the on take and then crushing on the down hill. You live in different states. logically this unknown factor doesn't make sense - is not part of the equation. And just how many more factors can one fit into an equation? As if X, Y & Z were not enough - now you have W. You have no spoken obligation to this person - yet you feel like you should. Unfounded fears creep in from the past - and you feel like you are in Singles Ward 2. do you remember the 'montage' in the middle - after they meet. they do all these crazy activities... probably two months worth of things... and at the end - it has only been TWO days....ridiculous! oh... and no! I'm not getting married!! ;)

And yet -- it works. and you stay up for hours just to talk to them. disappointed when you think you won't... because of the magnetic - unexplainable pull. A pull you would never give back.

August 22, 2008

Happy For You

Last night I had a dream --- well early this morning.

I talked to you - for the first time in months.

I did not scream - I did not cry - I just said

"Hi! Are you excited? You are getting married tomorrow!"

And you replied while fingering your ring: "You know what - I actually am excited. She makes me happy."

I smiled and replied: "Good - that is all I can ask for."

And the I woke-up - b/c I realized I am happy for you. Maybe even excited!

August 20, 2008

Twilight cont. w/a note about New Moon and Eclipse...

Okay - I gave in to peer pressure - I finished all the other books at the top of the list - and now I am happy to report I am addicted.

I am addicted to the Twilight series. seriously. I stretched Twilight to last a whole week and it only took me a whole two days to read New Moon. Pathetic. would have been less time - however I had a friend visiting... soo hostess calls! Now I am working on Eclipse - but I think it might take me just as long as Twilight... b/c of work and friends visiting and life.

Stephanie Myers - is an amazing writer. She created a seemingly ordinary girl, one each and everyone person could relate to. She made her clumsy, smart, funny, sarcastic, and human. I think this is what captivated me at first - here was a girl who was like me. She drops her books when she is nervous - slips on the ice - she notices things. There are people into her life, parents-classmates-friends, all something we can relate with.

Then Myers created a seemingly perfect and mysterious Lab partner. Someone you just want to figure out - unpredictable. And on top of that he is repelled by this normal - average - amazing girl. WHY!??! seriously - what is his deal... What drives him? What is he even thinking!?

And that is where you just get sucked into the magic called the Twilight series. I could not put it down. I had to know what happened. I would spend every free moment I could reading. Morning Break - Lunch - Afternoon Break - in between activities - aaaallll the way home from Provo. Emily read the from Nephi till Vegas -- what a fantastic friend! She did voices and made it intense at the right parts - with dynamics and everything! it was FANTASTIC!! best 'read aloud' job yet!.

And I realized why not very many people have written about the 'other books' in the Series.... you just can't - or you give away the whole plot!

So go --- now -- pick it up from your nearest library - (guys too.. b/c I have quite a few guy friends who have been brave enough to get sucked in also!) and read. Because New Moon & Eclipse are just as good...

Note: New Moon - made me cry a - lot.... From discussing it with a few friends they did not like New Moon as much - thinking it slow to get into - and longer. I however think I related better to New Moon - but considering the events of the past year - it is not any surprise. ;)

August 18, 2008


"I don't think it's fair - us guys can't compete with Edward - he's too perfect. :)"

"But that's not why she loves him... ;) "

So maybe it is a good thing I don't feel very well today - so I can start New Moon.... I'm already crying.

August 14, 2008

Story Endings

When I finished reading 'Peter and the Star Catchers' last week I remembered how much I love the endings of books. That is probably why I guaff at people who read the endings first. Shouldn't you save the best for last? Now I am reading Twilight (yes... I have given into the madness - I figured if after all the good recommendations - I should start the series...) I am even more of a fan of not reading the ending first!

I love reading the book and watching the plot unfold. Not really knowing how all the twists and turns that encompass a good book will really end, but guessing what is going to happen. Diving into the characters, the plot, the setting. Watching the main and supporting characters learn about themselves - and being a part of it. Take a look at someone else's life - problems - resolutions. How much fun is it if you actually read the end, knowing the end portion of their lives first. My opinion: It defeats the purpose of reading the book.

People and relationships are the same way. I enjoy watching my circle of friends - and the people they interact with. I think it is fascinating to watch different relationships grow in different twists and turns - like a good book. Many times I can guess the outcome - and many more times than that I would looove to turn to end to see how it all plays out - I know that I can not. Because unlike a good book - people have their agency to choose their own endings. While many many times they are fairy-tale like with Aladdin receiving the prince hood and privilege to marry the princess - unfortunately - some times it is not the case.

There are a few of my friends, people I consider my supporting characters that I have been learning from, maybe more so from the wings w/o their direct knowledge of their importance in my life. These are the people I want to be like. They are my 'pseudo big brothers', my best girl-friends, my best guy-friends, my crushes, my former loves, those that I look up to - those that I can not hardly stand. They are the ones who let me down, those who were there right when I needed it. They have made me laugh, made me cry, played with my hair, scratched my back, reduced my ego, listened to my babbling. They have made me look deeper into myself to find the answers, and those who have shared their lives with me. Each is a character in my story - and each is choosing their own ending. For some reason I keep thinking I can influence this ending - make it mine too - change my role to a supporting them - letting them shine. I realized tonight that I am just as much a 'main character' in my story as everyone else. And really it is my story.

Unfortunately I can not read the end - I do not have that option yet. But my book is the most interesting of all - and as much as I would like to stand back and watch everyone else's be written - that isn't' part of my plot. Never was - so why do I keep trying to make it one? I am more of a Belle character - maybe that is my tragic flaw - but - I guess if the beast is the worst thing I have to tame it can't be that bad! (although - I would rather have Aladdin - hands down... the Beast wasn't the most fantastic looking prince when he turned back... realllly pointy facial features. What you didn't notice? bust our your forward to the end - you will see what I mean)

August 5, 2008

What is the world coming to?

Today I received a message from a good friend from college. As I read this story - I could not believe the injustice and seemingly unfairness that this family has stumbled into. While we have rapist and other 'bad men' running around our country --- we take the time and the money to imprison this man. Amazing....

"Hey Everyone,
My father, his attorney and many others want to share this story, found at the link below, with you so you know what kinds of injustice take place in our world everyday. Next time you vote for leaders, watch the news, etc. please remember that not everything is as it seems. The media twists stories, men sworn to uphold the law choose the easy path rather than doing what's right and many of us suffer the consequences. Because of these types of things my father, a good man, will likely be spending the next 18 months of his life in prison. The link below is my father's story as told by a group here in Idaho that promotes family values in communities across our state. Again, I ask that you read it and become more aware of things that happen around you. Thanks to all of you who have been a support for me through all of this. It has been hard for me and my family and I appreciate all of your patience with me through the stress that has been associated with this. "

August 1, 2008

Smiling Moments

"hey, I'm a Wesley and I said "As you wish." That mean more than just love... it mean "safety and protection", "you're my queen", and so many more things"

"Oh, you know ...engaged... :-D" (no...not of my guyfriends & my roommate...)

"Who are those flowers from? Oh, just me!"

"This morning, there were two cars in the parking lot when I came upon the lower BYU parking lot on 700. One of them was a toy car. "

"I can - huh?"

"It was natural. Easy - smooth - and totally worth the wait!"


"I'm late - but on my way!"


July 30, 2008


Standing in the bathroom - going through my usual routine.

*comb wet hair - towel dry hair so it looks like a wet dog - put in contacts - plug in straightener & hair dryer - comb hair again - put up in half bun thing so I can dry the bottom part - turn on the hot air - dry, dry, dry - straighten - repeat for top part of hair - eat breakfast - finish make-up - brush teeth*

I started to think. I thought about everything that I have accomplished in the past year or so. Graduation, Youth Programs, two fantastic learning experiences with guys (even though they both hurt like the dickens), two different banks, moving, snow - wind - rain - sunshine - hail - sand storm - cockroaches - spiders - humidity. I have done things I never thought I could - bought my very own car, driven to Utah and back by-my-self, coached a dance team (sooo funn!!), roomed with the best girls ever!, gone to three beautiful weddings, taught gospel doctrine, played the piano in sacrament. I have made some fantastic friends and come closer to my family - all of which who have helped me get through the terrible 2's (22.... terrible twos... ha!).

This made me wonder - who am I. As I looked in the mirror I could see all my imperfections - the huge round thing on my right eyebrow that won't seem to go away. The zits that Utah air seems to bring. Then I realized - I am Amber!!! a brick wall of unstoppable womanhood (thanks Christian...). I may not love all sports (more of a spectator for some) - I may not be the 'best' at any one thing - and I may LOOOVE to dance (which not many share such a passion) - but I am pretty cool. ;) go me!

So this is who I am a week after my 23rd birthday:
I am spunky.
I am goofy.
I am a Swing, Ballroom, living room, ridiculous looking 'stake dance' dancer.
I am passionate.
I fall hard - but gracefully.
I am fickle.
I am ridiculous.
I am talented.
I am loyal.
I am a shower singer.
I am thoughtful.
I am grateful most of the time.
I am occasionally moody.
I am hyper.
I am sad.
I am fantastic.
I am an open book.
I am diversified.
I am a cheerleader - from the background.
I am a good friend.
I am a hair-brush performer.
I am friend-happy.
I am dependable (unless it is something I reallllly don't want to do...then I should just learn to say no).
I am a sister, daughter, niece, grand-daughter, cousin.
I am a smile-a-holic.
I am a sob.
I am stressed out.
I am a bookworm.
I am pain - intolerant.
I am terrified of the ball.
I am adventurous.
I am not extra-ordinary - just me.
I am a tiger - and an eagle.
I am alive.
I am a daughter of God.
I am a fun junkie.
I am impatient.
I am musically inclined - but not excellent.
I am anxious.
I am a personal trainer - or atleast that is what I told my mom! lol
I am emotional.
I am motivated.
I am active.
I am work - play - and crazy - wrapped up in one.
I am overwhelming.
I am persistent.
I am a hard-worker.
I am overwhelmed.
I am a teacher.
I am an observer and a participant.
I am resilient.
I am in love - with life.

July 23, 2008

Why I love my Sister

This is my sister's blog. She is fantastic - and an amazing writer - and the linked posting encompassed many of my feelings today!

Happy Birthday to me -
I am Twenty three -


p.s. Utah Wedding Details to come...
oh not my wedding! silly! ;)

July 15, 2008

A few lyrics that caught my attention

Did you fall from a shooting star?
I've been hanging around - way way way too long!
It's the reason we stay in the movie till the closing scene...

You don't know what you've got till it's gone...

Love Love Love Love - I do it for Love.

I know it's your soul - but could you bottle it up??

Your only going to get what you give away...

Head underwater - they tell me to breath easy for a while - breathing gets harder - even I know that
Dance a blue streak around my living -----
find what it means to be the girl

when I saw my reflection in her eyes - that's when I knew it was time
But -- I love that girl when she smiles
Say it again -
I wish the world would just spin faster --- you're looking at me - waiting to see the difference in me...
This is the third time I've made it down your street this week... but I'm not going anywhere... your the traffic in my head...
There is a beauty in walking away....
Let's just admit - we all want to make it true! - Ever ever after! it may only be a wish away!