August 31, 2009

Have you heard this yet?

oh no!? you should click that link then.... because it is amazing!!! Love him.

So this weekend I received this text
"So it seems like you have a lot of guys chasing you."

my response

Now my brain has started working and thinking and wondering. I do not understand where this thought came from. I have not seen or talked to him in months, and after ONE day (one fantastic day- fun filled - mind you) he says that... makes me wonder what I said or what impression I gave him.

Do I get asked on dates? Yes (esp. now that my best friend is gone to utah... *sigh*)
Do I like going on dates? Yes (dating is fun.... always a new experience, although I won't lie.. .it is getting monotonous - but I am not going to complain).
Do I have anyone chasing me? No - not to my knowledge, at least none that are actually serious. I have more than enough guy FRIENDS to fill my life, but none that are chasing me. Most of the time I actually contact them to hang out or do things b/c honestly I am not a fan of hanging out by myself. (crazy... I know!) occasionally I get asked out... (let's not count the past two is an outlier - 3 potential dates in one weekend... not normal.)

So to me I do not understand where he is coming from. He, must not not realize that I seriously have too many guys friends. in fact - outside of my married girl friends (which are many...many many) I have 4 or 5 single girls I make a conscience effort to hang out with outside my sisters. (there was one more - but she left on a mission 3 weeks ago...and one of my sister's is not even single, she's engaged!). With such few girls that I actually do things with, you can find me hanging out with a different guy most every time you see me. Perhaps that would give him the impression I am being chased. Too bad all of these guys like to tell me all about the girls they are asking out, getting my opinion on them, ask who I think they should go out with, complain about the different experiences they have. It is nice - I have lots of older brothers.

But Wait - He does not see me every day - in fact I have not seen him, (despite my attempts to contact him) for - almost 7 months I think. So I wonder, why did he say that statement. More importantly - why will he not respond to me now!