August 22, 2008

Happy For You

Last night I had a dream --- well early this morning.

I talked to you - for the first time in months.

I did not scream - I did not cry - I just said

"Hi! Are you excited? You are getting married tomorrow!"

And you replied while fingering your ring: "You know what - I actually am excited. She makes me happy."

I smiled and replied: "Good - that is all I can ask for."

And the I woke-up - b/c I realized I am happy for you. Maybe even excited!

August 20, 2008

Twilight cont. w/a note about New Moon and Eclipse...

Okay - I gave in to peer pressure - I finished all the other books at the top of the list - and now I am happy to report I am addicted.

I am addicted to the Twilight series. seriously. I stretched Twilight to last a whole week and it only took me a whole two days to read New Moon. Pathetic. would have been less time - however I had a friend visiting... soo hostess calls! Now I am working on Eclipse - but I think it might take me just as long as Twilight... b/c of work and friends visiting and life.

Stephanie Myers - is an amazing writer. She created a seemingly ordinary girl, one each and everyone person could relate to. She made her clumsy, smart, funny, sarcastic, and human. I think this is what captivated me at first - here was a girl who was like me. She drops her books when she is nervous - slips on the ice - she notices things. There are people into her life, parents-classmates-friends, all something we can relate with.

Then Myers created a seemingly perfect and mysterious Lab partner. Someone you just want to figure out - unpredictable. And on top of that he is repelled by this normal - average - amazing girl. WHY!??! seriously - what is his deal... What drives him? What is he even thinking!?

And that is where you just get sucked into the magic called the Twilight series. I could not put it down. I had to know what happened. I would spend every free moment I could reading. Morning Break - Lunch - Afternoon Break - in between activities - aaaallll the way home from Provo. Emily read the from Nephi till Vegas -- what a fantastic friend! She did voices and made it intense at the right parts - with dynamics and everything! it was FANTASTIC!! best 'read aloud' job yet!.

And I realized why not very many people have written about the 'other books' in the Series.... you just can't - or you give away the whole plot!

So go --- now -- pick it up from your nearest library - (guys too.. b/c I have quite a few guy friends who have been brave enough to get sucked in also!) and read. Because New Moon & Eclipse are just as good...

Note: New Moon - made me cry a - lot.... From discussing it with a few friends they did not like New Moon as much - thinking it slow to get into - and longer. I however think I related better to New Moon - but considering the events of the past year - it is not any surprise. ;)

August 18, 2008


"I don't think it's fair - us guys can't compete with Edward - he's too perfect. :)"

"But that's not why she loves him... ;) "

So maybe it is a good thing I don't feel very well today - so I can start New Moon.... I'm already crying.

August 14, 2008

Story Endings

When I finished reading 'Peter and the Star Catchers' last week I remembered how much I love the endings of books. That is probably why I guaff at people who read the endings first. Shouldn't you save the best for last? Now I am reading Twilight (yes... I have given into the madness - I figured if after all the good recommendations - I should start the series...) I am even more of a fan of not reading the ending first!

I love reading the book and watching the plot unfold. Not really knowing how all the twists and turns that encompass a good book will really end, but guessing what is going to happen. Diving into the characters, the plot, the setting. Watching the main and supporting characters learn about themselves - and being a part of it. Take a look at someone else's life - problems - resolutions. How much fun is it if you actually read the end, knowing the end portion of their lives first. My opinion: It defeats the purpose of reading the book.

People and relationships are the same way. I enjoy watching my circle of friends - and the people they interact with. I think it is fascinating to watch different relationships grow in different twists and turns - like a good book. Many times I can guess the outcome - and many more times than that I would looove to turn to end to see how it all plays out - I know that I can not. Because unlike a good book - people have their agency to choose their own endings. While many many times they are fairy-tale like with Aladdin receiving the prince hood and privilege to marry the princess - unfortunately - some times it is not the case.

There are a few of my friends, people I consider my supporting characters that I have been learning from, maybe more so from the wings w/o their direct knowledge of their importance in my life. These are the people I want to be like. They are my 'pseudo big brothers', my best girl-friends, my best guy-friends, my crushes, my former loves, those that I look up to - those that I can not hardly stand. They are the ones who let me down, those who were there right when I needed it. They have made me laugh, made me cry, played with my hair, scratched my back, reduced my ego, listened to my babbling. They have made me look deeper into myself to find the answers, and those who have shared their lives with me. Each is a character in my story - and each is choosing their own ending. For some reason I keep thinking I can influence this ending - make it mine too - change my role to a supporting them - letting them shine. I realized tonight that I am just as much a 'main character' in my story as everyone else. And really it is my story.

Unfortunately I can not read the end - I do not have that option yet. But my book is the most interesting of all - and as much as I would like to stand back and watch everyone else's be written - that isn't' part of my plot. Never was - so why do I keep trying to make it one? I am more of a Belle character - maybe that is my tragic flaw - but - I guess if the beast is the worst thing I have to tame it can't be that bad! (although - I would rather have Aladdin - hands down... the Beast wasn't the most fantastic looking prince when he turned back... realllly pointy facial features. What you didn't notice? bust our your forward to the end - you will see what I mean)

August 5, 2008

What is the world coming to?

Today I received a message from a good friend from college. As I read this story - I could not believe the injustice and seemingly unfairness that this family has stumbled into. While we have rapist and other 'bad men' running around our country --- we take the time and the money to imprison this man. Amazing....

"Hey Everyone,
My father, his attorney and many others want to share this story, found at the link below, with you so you know what kinds of injustice take place in our world everyday. Next time you vote for leaders, watch the news, etc. please remember that not everything is as it seems. The media twists stories, men sworn to uphold the law choose the easy path rather than doing what's right and many of us suffer the consequences. Because of these types of things my father, a good man, will likely be spending the next 18 months of his life in prison. The link below is my father's story as told by a group here in Idaho that promotes family values in communities across our state. Again, I ask that you read it and become more aware of things that happen around you. Thanks to all of you who have been a support for me through all of this. It has been hard for me and my family and I appreciate all of your patience with me through the stress that has been associated with this. "

August 1, 2008

Smiling Moments

"hey, I'm a Wesley and I said "As you wish." That mean more than just love... it mean "safety and protection", "you're my queen", and so many more things"

"Oh, you know ...engaged... :-D" (no...not of my guyfriends & my roommate...)

"Who are those flowers from? Oh, just me!"

"This morning, there were two cars in the parking lot when I came upon the lower BYU parking lot on 700. One of them was a toy car. "

"I can - huh?"

"It was natural. Easy - smooth - and totally worth the wait!"


"I'm late - but on my way!"