September 30, 2008

Pearls before breakfast

I was at my sister's the weekend and on her apt whiteboard is a guy's blog address. I was curious - and he seemed pretty nice from observation - So I thought why not - I'll check it out.

In one of his postings he put this article: "Pearls before breakfast". It was very thought provoking - and made me wondering if purhaps I miss this music sometimes.

Take a moment to read it - if you want. ;)

September 27, 2008

Five more minutes....

I am so excited --- which is probably why the past 5 minutes have seemed like 5 years!!! ahh!

I'm going to hang out a date with my fantastic friend scott - and a whole group of people I do not know -- I should be nervous right?? NOPE -- I am just plain excited... this is a change. A change for the better - I hope!


September 23, 2008

She smiled

As she walked across the speckled side walks she noticed the sun rays lazily flowing down intertwining with her hair. As she looked around she noticed the new yellow paint on the railing, the slight breeze rolling across the tall palm trees. She heard the chatter of the girls across the street - and just had to laugh at the cat calls from the car passing by. She took a deep breath of the warm air and sighed.

"This is one of those days" - she thought - "one of those days when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, and you remember for no particular reason why it is life is good."

September 20, 2008

Things that made me smile this week...

This week has been one of the craziest weeks at work.... Thanks media! And I have the best cold ever! So instead of complaining about how much I no longer want to talk about the financial world -- or about how my throat and nose STILL hurt --- I will list a few events that gave me cause to smile. if you want elaboration on any one in particular - just comment!

*Racking up minutes on my phone -- free minutes!

*Being a fly on the wall in a guys apartment... rockband, date plans, cake inhaling, jokes,

*Expensive Dinner with a group of your friends
*3 missed phone calls
*The "Oh Crap" Handle
*Sarcastic comments after dumb comments from customers No - I do not get paid to tell customers that WAMU is not closing it's doors anytime soon..... yes someone asked me if they pay me to say that.... *sigh*
*Sliding on the slippery floor
*Watching and Refreshing dance moves with one of my best friends
*Mono-tone Computer voice
*Tylenol Cold - The Day medicine has save my life this week
*Orange Juice
*Star finally greeting me at midnight she's been sick... :( poor puppy!!
*FHE Soccer - with 'da boys
*Chatting with Kim -- I love my sister I love my sister!!
*Late night chats -- & Gold stars!!
*3rd Nephi
*Thin Blueberry pancakes & bacon thanks mom!
*Finding the Job you have been looking for - and applying for it! no promises on anything... i just like applying for jobs!
*Sept Las Vegas Evening - light breeze - 70 degrees - sooo nice
*Taking a Walk while chatting with one of my favorite people on a Sept. LV evening ;)

September 11, 2008

when I get married.....then I will....

Yesterday my mom and I had an interesting discussion about my social life -- and my lack of domestic skills - or at least the lack of their appearance in Las Vegas.

I suppose I sub-consciously decided that when I get married I will start to cook on a consistent basis. Currently I have really no reason to cook on a regular basis. On my days off during the week - I try to help and make some mean cuisine - but since those weekdays are not only a few times a month okay two it really does not happen that often. So I suppose you can see why my mom would be concerned.

I felt the need to reassure her that when I do not live at home, when I get off earlier, and even when I am visiting friends --- I enjoy making meals. At college in quite a few apts. I was the Sunday Dinner instigator as well as make some sort of food most nights. I will admit my last year of college I may not have been quite as ambitious -- only eating pasta, sandwiches or whatever I could throw together quickly. But that does not limit my recipe following skills.

I think that I do not share this portion of myself with others because we are content to go out to a restaurant and eat yummy food from there -- heck I live in Vegas! there are soo many options! ;)

And so --- never fear mom -- I do know how to cook --- and someday --
when I get married
I will be a little more adventurous and consistent in my food preparations skills... until then -- White Chocolate Grill -- here I come!

September 10, 2008

Summer Time

So I have been periodically updating on various thoughts - but I have not really taken the time to post about the fun - and crazy things I have been doing! So here goes my summer (thus far... because summer is not over yet... I live in Vegas!) in a nut shell.

Jen & Braden's Wedding
I remember a year ago when Jen got home from her mission when I came to visit for a few days and I first meeting Braden "the collar popper". He came over to watch a movie with Jen & I -- and I actually thought he was a purty cool guy - spoke Tagalog, was into film, didn't seem weird around me the first time we met. It was pretty much history from there -- since they have been married for about 2 months!

Their wedding was fantastic! as pictured Jen looked stunning - like a model. I think she looked like Snow White! click here to see her blog w/pictures To me the day seemed pretty flaw-less. The weather was fantastic - beautiful, sunny, clouds - but the white fluffy kind. We had pretty close to the whole family there - The reception was so well planned and taken care of. I even enjoyed helping out with the table decorations putting her pictures up on the tables. It was just fun to be around everyone - making her day special - because we love her!!! (and Braden.. hee hee)

Fourth of July
This day was fantastic! I went and hung out at Dianna's in the afternoon at her family's fantastic party - and then with a group went to The District to watch Transformers on the grass. I love hanging out with my friends sitting on the grass - just playing and hanging out! My parents even ended up coming and staying the whole time! afterwards a few of us went and played scrabble at my house - and I was surprised by how much fun I had. So for the record - Scrabble is fun-tastic! ;)

Maps (aka Pamela) & John's Wedding w/a little side note
I was so excited for this wedding! Almost as excited as for Jen's. Not only did I get to see my family -- but all my roommates from college. Oh how I love those girls!
side note:
I flew into SLC on Sunday morning - went to church and spent the day with my family. My Aunt asked me to go pick up my brother & sister from Provo using her car (well my cousin's - but he was at boot camp...). Well on my trip back - I dropped them both back off at home - and was taking a detour to go see my cousin's new apt. I was making a left hand turn - using my blinker - on the green arrow - w/my seat belt on - going under the speed limit. I was shaking - as I pulled over trying to figure out what the heck I did wrong...

As you can imagine I was a little baffled as the officer walked up to my window and said: "May I see your license and registration please."

As I handed the nice police officer the registration & my license, I looked at him and asked "Did I do something wrong".
He looked at me baffled probably thinking:
"This girl is can she ask me that -- of course she did something wrong - otherwise, I would not be pulling her over!".
He replied: "Your plates..."
Me: "My plates? What is wrong with them?"
Officer: "They expired"
Officer: "yeah - back in April"
Me: ARE YOU KIDDING ME? hmmm -- okay -- well this isn't my car...

At this point - I'm just amazed, shaking like a crazy person - the officer of course wants to now know my life story - and isn't being very kind about it. He takes my info - goes back to his car - I call my aunt - she is just in awe --- she had no idea! :) and then the officer comes back. Luckily my story checks out (like it wouldn't...ha!) and I get off with a warning- being told to go straight back to my aunts (an hour away) and let her know. So my first time ever being pulled over - and I didn't do anything wrong! ;) *sigh*
End side note

The next morning I got up and took a different car to Maps & Anne's house. I then proceeded to have the best time with Maps & Ashley & Anne & everyone else! I love hanging out with my roommates - those girls are so fantastic! Maps asked Ash and I if we wanted to run errands with her - which of course we did! So we made a trip to wal-mart for pictures and pre-natal pills ("You dropped the pills!! If my kids are stupid -- I'm blaming you!!" "WHAT? but if they are smart... it's my fault too then!" "no-- they are going to have my genes!!" "hmmm--- o-k-ay...") then we went to get our nails done - Maps had her nails and toes done - while Ashley & I just our toes.... I am never. ever. doing my own toes again... I am converted to the pedicure!!! We also had lunch at this fantastic little place - I can't remember what it is called -but if you are in Centerville/Bountiful - you must go there! hee hee

In the evening Ashley, Stacey, Heather, Sharon (i think.. sorry..they are twins I can't tell apart yet!) & I took turns eating and watching Maps & Anne's nieces & nephews while they went to the Family Dinner. Can I just say precious! The girls were so cute! At first they would only go to Stacy -- and then I won their trust and they would only go to me. As the evening wore on the girls became friends with everyone so they would hang out with all of us. The boys were so much fun also. We just played outside for a few hours - and then right everyone got back we put on a movie... ;)
After the family dinner - it was GIRLS TIME!! No Boys allowed! So we kicked out John and the 10+ of us and we did girlie things. We went on a picture/video scavenger hunt to do some crazy things for Map's last night. ie. Picture in the dumpster, speaking to someone in a foreign language, running through the sprinklers, picking your nose in public, talk in a foreign language asking for direction, being a part of the hug patrol, doing silly walks idea came from the funniest u-tube videos! thanks Stacey -- just silly fun things. I brought the wrong memory card - so someone else has most of those fantastic pictures....still waiting to see them... ;( Then we came back to her house and just had fun being around each other - I helped Maps get ready for the morning - just things to keep her mind off of the jitters & to help her sleep. Ashley, Heather and I slept in the downstairs apt where Maps & John would be living --- can I just say super cute!! her family sure loves them!

In the morning Ashley & I got up early to help Maps with the various things she needed to be finished - Ashley with map's make-up and such - me with cleaning her flip-flops -putting everything together so she wouldn't forget anything which of course didn't really help... love ya Maps! It was fun to be a help and kinda get a 'backstage' look at what goes on before/during/after the wedding and reception. Can I just note that my wedding is going to be soo planned! spreadsheets with all the information anyone could every ask for --- where the flowers need to be picked up... what time... who is assigned it - you get the idea - all thanks to mapsiee! ;) JOY! And it was fantastic - we picked up her bouquet, Ash and I went early to the Temple before they went in... Beautiful! Maps & John just looked stunning - the sun was shining... well while we waited Ashley & I took a nap. and when we woke up - it was overcast & cloudy & drizzle.... ha! but her pictures actually turned out quite nicely - and despite all the craziness - everything went off w/o a hitch!
Her reception was fun for us girls as we just stuck together and hung out. I tried my hand at a little photography - which I am beg. to think is fun! :) I was super jealous when Maps 'tossed' the bouquet to Anne - something about twins...and sisters... i just don't understand!! ;p okay - okay - tossed might be giving you the wrong impression - she HANDED IT OFF to Anne.... no chance for the rest of us!! All in all -- Maps & John left - the wedding was cleaned up - and I went to go gather my stuff and head back to South Jordan for the evening. ;) no worries Anne - I will be doing all the same for you when you get married! promise! ;)

23 on the 23rd
I woke up early that morning (okay... 9am may not be that early for some...but it was after wedding festivities!) to my mom, Aunt & Uncle singing a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday with breakfast in bed -- for me!!! Waffles & raspberries & powdered sugar my mouth tis watering just writing about it & bacon & OJ! It was the best! Soo yummy too! I just could not help but smile - and be excited! My very first breakfast in bed.

Of course when you are planning your b-day in another town everything you hoped would happen falls through. So I spent the day with my mom and my aunt -- and I couldn't have asked for anything better! We went to lunch - went shopping & I got new sneakers amazing how new shoes make you feel like you are floating.. I could run for miles now! - We had really yummy dinner & fantastic little cake w/flowers and sprinkles!! We also went to see Mama Mia. Mama Mia was soo funny -- 007 singing - fantastic looking ladies - fabulous singing - good plot - nice chick flick what more could you want?! Thanks Mom & Aunt Kathy!!

24th of July aka Pioneer Day
Kevin decided to run in the Provo Pioneer Day Classic - so it was another early morning to add to my summer. Mom & I drove down to Provo to watch Kevin leave to run and come back to cross the finish line - placing 3rd in the 5K!! I then spent the rest of the day in Provo with Kimmy.

We ended up playing cards all afternoon (JOY!!) with some of the guys from 'across the street'. Scott & I instantly became good friends - and I am sure glad Kim called him to play with us! Mickey Cards, Blanket, Sunshine, and new fun friends! It was great! We also went to watch fireworks with Scott & his roommie later that evening - ;) oh how I love the flying fireworks! almost as good as Idaho Fall's show.... almost

I ended the day just talking to Kim - I love hanging out with my sister! I can't believe we ever didn't really like each other! I love her!
Going Away parties & Metor Showers
For Kelsey's last night before going up to UNR we watched the Meteor Showers - and hung out. We did not see very many because we all had to be up early in the morning - but it was so nice to just hang out with friends and watch the sky. I remembered how small we are in the universe - but how fantastic it will be - b/c He made one of those planets for me!! Plus -- we found a new saying "God throws rocks at dumb boys too - they are just called meteors." ;) yeah for girls!!

August Utah Trip/Emily Emily Emily!
In August I made one more trip up to Provo to go pick up Emily to come play for a few days! Kim & friends ended up coming down the day before for a dance competition - So I was fortunate enough to be able to follow them back up! JOY!
While in Ut for the brief 36 hours I packed as much Kim, Kevin, Emily & Scott time as possible. We made dinner sat night - watched Olympics, chatted it up until all hours, went to church, walked in the fantastic sunshine that didn't make you want to melt in an instant, make more dinner, watch random u-tube videos - and be picked up by a amazingly strong guy! I felt like the stay was definitely not long enough - but headed back down to Vegas.
Emily was fantastic and read the second half of Twilight to me while I drove. She did voices, dynamics, the whole nine-yards. I actually felt like I was even more a part of the story! ;) When we arrived back in vegas -- we slept! ;D
That whole week was just jammed pack with crazy fun as we played as much as possible. We even did a little more of the strip extravaganza, went to pool parties, hung out with old friends, ate at the cheesecake factory! yum yum yum! It was soo fun to have her here! and nice to have a roommie again who I could mull over the events of the day before falling asleep for a few days! Love ya EM!!!
Also Heath and Drew made a stop-by appearance... It is nice to know you can pick up right where you left off even after 9 years! ;D

Scott Weekend
My friend Scott came to play for a few days also. I love having him around! He is just a funny guy - we clicked so well - and had alot of fun! We went to parties, tried to stir up rumors in church, went out for lunch, and just enjoyed each other's company. Note for those curious: Scott is fantastic - and a very good friend... who goes to school in Provo. That's all for now! ;) He also just happens to be my sister's FHE bro now... ha!

So in summary ---
My summer was fantastic - lots of trips to UT - to see amazing ppl! As much as I loved this summer - I am excited for the Fall!! Warm Vegas Weather -- I already have a La Jolla Beach trip & UT trips coming! Has anyone been to the plays in St. George? would you recommend them? I am thinking about going...

September 8, 2008


Have you ever been so hungry your stomach felt like it was going to eat itself??

hmmm -- I am starving!


Have you ever met someone who you knew instantly you would be if nothing else great friends with?
Like you were destined to meet - and be friends. There is not any mistrust, or guarded feelings - no prejudice or miscommunication. You are honest because you feel like you have known them forever. It makes you happy to hangout with them - because they are your new best friend. You feel this unknown - maybe even undeniable - magnetic connection to this person. You want to call them and tell them everything - and it freaks you out.

It freaks you out because it is soo fast. You do not do fast - you enjoy the journey, the memories, learning along the way. How many times has this happened to you? Fast on the on take and then crushing on the down hill. You live in different states. logically this unknown factor doesn't make sense - is not part of the equation. And just how many more factors can one fit into an equation? As if X, Y & Z were not enough - now you have W. You have no spoken obligation to this person - yet you feel like you should. Unfounded fears creep in from the past - and you feel like you are in Singles Ward 2. do you remember the 'montage' in the middle - after they meet. they do all these crazy activities... probably two months worth of things... and at the end - it has only been TWO days....ridiculous! oh... and no! I'm not getting married!! ;)

And yet -- it works. and you stay up for hours just to talk to them. disappointed when you think you won't... because of the magnetic - unexplainable pull. A pull you would never give back.