April 20, 2008

Let's get out of here --- feel the wind against our face!

I though about calling you when I got off the plane
Every time I see this city through the clouds I get that way
Call me crazy for missing you like this but I do
~"Then I Did" Rascal Flatts~

Provo-SLC was fabulous - exactly what I needed to rejuvenate my soul and direction. Thanks to all who contributed to my dress plight --- and I wore both the pinkish one -- and the polka dotted one. It was magical!! I went to one of my best friends wedding reception - and she was beautiful and fun as always! (pink dress) and then changed into the Polka dotted dress - and off Rob and I went to his formal dinner. It was perfect. He was inducted - called - however you want to put it - as an officer for his frat - and then we danced and danced and danced! Loved every second! The night was seemingly perfect...

I stayed with my sister Kim - and that was so fun! Her ward was fun - helping her with projects and papers - Late night talks - or afternoon chats -- Shopping - IHOP trips - just so fun! Kim and I always seem to have just the best of times when we are together. Hard to imagine it was so hard to get along when we were little. :) Guess perhaps I have grown-up a little in some ways... She is fabulous - and one of my very best friends! I am so grateful for sister's who can help put pieces back every time you see them! :D

Rob and I made dinner Monday evening -- while Kim worked -- and I realized how good of a friend he is to me --- something I almost don't deserve. It was fun to just hang out with him and be me -- and have that be enough.

I bought a few fabulous book at the BYU Bookstore --- the 2nd Leven Thumps book (super good thus far!!) and Spiritual Roots of Human Behavior by Covey --- both of which I am excited to sit down and read. I love having time to read books again -- Love it!

Tues. was nice -- besides the SNOW --- (not a fan... not a fan) -- I visited my Aunt Pat, saw Anne and Maps, and had dinner with Aunt Kathy & Joe & Andrew & Jenni & her fiance (&Rob)! It was fabulous! We played games - and had a grand old time! I love my family!!!

AND my car -- we can not forget the amazing little Red Kandy Tater --- she is fabulous!! she didn't die - I didn't die - and we were wind blown - tossed to and fro in the wind - and yet --- we just kept on singing and driving! I love my car!!! :D

April 10, 2008

Please Help!! :D

*disclaimer: this post is mostly for those who asked to see the outfits! :D

Please indulge me for a moment ---- I'm going to a formal-dinner-thing on Saturday up at the Uof U - and I've been having trouble picking an outfit. Which do you like??

April 4, 2008

My horoscope for the day -- Very interesting & fitting :D

"Don't shy away from making an impression on people -- it's never bad to speak out."

:D JOY!! permission to speak my mind! what more could I ask for?

April 1, 2008


my wedding/engagement count for this year/summer:
2 roomies (maps & Lauren)
1 cousin (Jen)
10 friends engaged or will be (told on good authority..being themselves!) - (Jared, Tracy, Sheldon, Alecia-will be engaged, Nate, Christian, girl from my dance team, sarah, natalie, Laurie,)
1 - guy named Jeff whose reception I am going to with my friend ;)
1 friend already married - Heather