February 20, 2011


February 9, 2011

around the corner

I should be sleeping...

But instead I am here blogging for the first time in 4 months (give or take a few).
So here is the little update on my life for those who follow...
in no particular order

*Guy from awesome collage in previous post & I no longer (hence a few melancholy posts...)
*that guy went to serve our country - good luck!
*New incredible job opportunity
*New calling in church
*Two new pseudo nephews... SOO CUTE! I love them and I just met them.
Well One I've met - one I'm going to meet soon!
*One amazing new guy. And after the last one, I wasn't sure it could get better. :)
*An incredible holiday season filled with family, fun games, my dad coming home, and movies with the family!
*Baby Sister turned 18... GAH!!
*Stress, and lots of learning time.
*The world's best, and most ridiculous puppy!!! I love Trixie Sue!!!! :D
*I love love love my family.

Those are just a few of the fun things that are going on in the crazy life of Amber.