February 9, 2011

around the corner

I should be sleeping...

But instead I am here blogging for the first time in 4 months (give or take a few).
So here is the little update on my life for those who follow...
in no particular order

*Guy from awesome collage in previous post & I no longer (hence a few melancholy posts...)
*that guy went to serve our country - good luck!
*New incredible job opportunity
*New calling in church
*Two new pseudo nephews... SOO CUTE! I love them and I just met them.
Well One I've met - one I'm going to meet soon!
*One amazing new guy. And after the last one, I wasn't sure it could get better. :)
*An incredible holiday season filled with family, fun games, my dad coming home, and movies with the family!
*Baby Sister turned 18... GAH!!
*Stress, and lots of learning time.
*The world's best, and most ridiculous puppy!!! I love Trixie Sue!!!! :D
*I love love love my family.

Those are just a few of the fun things that are going on in the crazy life of Amber.


Lindsay said...

I'm glad you're not sleeping and blogging instead!

I'm glad it's a happy post, and you seem to be doing great!

Yay for a new boy! Everything happens for a reason!

bossman said...

I am so glad to read an update! :) What is a pseudo nephew though? I didn't know you had nephews! Who's kids? Kim's? ha ha!

Holly and Adam Anderson said...

so I am glad that you've decided to update us. You have an exciting life. New guy? new job? That is exciting! talk to you later!

Ryan, Marilyn, and Karalee said...

so once in my lifetime i got on facebook and thought i saw some interesting news about you and a great guy, well i found you had a blog and here i am! yeah, I am a blogger too! Good to! Good to see you doing well. Keep me updated on that boy!