April 30, 2011

Almost MAY!!!

My goodness how time flies when you are having fun!!

A little update:

*Church - somehow if you put that first - the rest actually all fits!

*Wedding plans - consume my life when I am not at work... only TWO MORE WEEKS!!! whoot whoot!

*Work - system conversion to a new system!!! JOY!!! - consumes most of my day.

*Extra time? -- WHAT IS THAT?!

*New side business -- Have you heard of AreoGarden?
Check it out HERE!!!
It is soo cool! You can grow a garden, in your kitchen, without water!! Let me know what you think!

1 comment:

Second Helpings of Life said...

I am also unfamiliar with this strange term "free time"... *quizzical scowl*

But let me know how I can help. :) Love you, sis!