August 8, 2011

Newly Wed - not dead.

I tried to upload a picture of me today for you.....

but that is all I could make happen tonight.

Try as I may --- only half the picture would come up. I do not even know....

Well here I am...

I finally have slowed down enough, that I thought I might try to post some of the much anticipated pictures. since I just went through them myself... And I realized I never downloaded the web versions.


Guess you will have to wait some more.

I was going to post some pictures of my house. But I realized, I have not taken any yet.


Guess you will have to wait for those too.

So... What do I have to offer you tonight?

I suppose you'll have to live with -

I'm newly Wed!!! And I'm not dead!!!

Until my next free moment while Spense plays Call of Duty!!!

PS--- 3 days till KEVIN COMES HOME!!! I can't wait to see my brother!!! :)

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