February 23, 2015

El Mundo de Elmo

ZZ and I do not watch a lot of T.V. However sometimes she only can read the same books so many times or play with her toys so many times.  (Or maybe it's me...take your pick) We usually just watch Fraggle Rock - and she dances and is captivated by the musical numbers.  But I was thinking it might be time for a new show. So I searched Hulu for a new tv show.  ZZ loves her Elmo she picked out for Christmas, so I thought Sesame Street - but I was more interested than she was.  So I was like isn't there an Elmo show?!?  And yes! There is.  Except on Hulu it is only in Spanish.   

ZZ loves El Mundo de Elmo.  

They are only 15 min long and she watches the whoooole thing.   Score!  I'm expecting a bilingual child any day now.  

But really.  Now Spense tries to say things in Spanish and English.  I might need to research more how to teach your children in two languages.  :)

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