March 3, 2015


Did I mention I hate packing?  I am sure I mentioned that somewhere.  Well I am about to be in full packing mode.  Typically I avoid packing for as long as possible.  If possible I enlist others to assist cough cough do it for me.

So in that spirit here are the top 3 ways I have successfully had others pack for me:

1. I can't get it to all fit.
  One of the times I went back to college from home I remember complaining to my mom that I could not get everything to fit in my suitcases and boxes.   She generously showed me (meaning did it for me).  Somehow it all fit!!!

2. I'm running out of time!
  I'm pretty sure my best friend from college packed up most of my kitchen, bathroom and misc decorations one year because I was running out of time.  She of course had been packed for almost a full week before we had to move.   

3. I have to work!
  This one I feel is the most ligitament reason.  I mean a full time working gal only has so much time to herself. Add in a little baby. And yep. Absolutely zero time for packing.  I am proud to say that I have used this a few times.  In our most recent move my husband did a lot of the packing before he left to attend his class.  I did some packing here and there, my mother-in-law did more packing while I was at work.  Ultimately though it came down to while they were loading the truck I was finishing packing up the last few things.  This one can be the most stressful.  

I assume you now understand why these reasons are all very good ones! 

Unfortunately I do not think they will fly this move.  Good thing half my stuff is still in boxes from our move in Novemeber.  I mean ultimately I probably should start packing earlier than last minute - and there are many good and different ways to do this. I found quite a few excellent blog posts on the subject which can be found on my Pinterest board entitled "Moving". 

Wish me luck!!!  

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